Sunday, December 23, 2007


For the first time I had 6 days holidays... and felt very good.

We had planned for an outing with friends which did not work out instead made a few visits.

The only sad part is that Hubby's Father is admitted in Hospital hence he had to cut short the holidays and travel to Kerala. Pray that he gets well soon.

But Xmas and New Year will be a lonely affair with just the kids and me.

Had a Japanese dinner at Sakura Restaurant with chop sticks, of course the modified one.

We liked the taste, though we tried only the cooked ones and not the raw ones.

And YES... MODI is returning to Power again! A hat trick. A great New Year for the BJP Party and their Man of the Match.


  1. Nyan appole paranjile........

  2. Unfortunately....we dint hav the usual Gov holidays this time, but only 5 days. Yesterday (Sunday) was a working day. But I did manage to convince my boss and bunk in the afternoon.

    Hey, sorry to hear abt ur hubby's father. Wats up? Hope he gets well soon n our prayers are with you all.

  3. Happy holidays. Enjoy it. Hope ur hubby's dad is well now.

    BTW Modi is back to power with more than 60% of the votes!!

  4. Mone Dinesha.. pere parayunnathil valla virodhavumundo?


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