Sunday, March 16, 2008

Does it matter?

Spitzer fall renews prostitution debate says MSNBC

I guess now they want to legalize prostitution so that one can hang on to their political careers. Sex Scandals brought even a President down on his knees. A President who was getting to be liked by one and all. They feel legalizing it may reduce these acts? Isn’t that absurd? Let them legalize but for not this reason.

I do believe it is a personal thing after all. If your wife doesn’t have a problem then who should care? But I still don’t understand why they want their wives to whom they have been lying all those years to be at their side just for the sake of the public. Does she really have to go through the shame for her husband’s sake? Is there a law demanding her presence?

But then looking at the moral and ethical side, if he couldn’t be faithful to his wife of so many years, can one really accept him to be faithful to the public in his dealings?

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