Thursday, March 6, 2008

The poor Girl child...

We had an interesting discussion on the government incentive for “Girl child”. This scheme looks like a good step but then there always the other side of it..and though it sounds brash, don’t we all feel like doing what Raj is suggesting?

Of course, it would be nice if some (real) effort was made in educating the population about these issues. I just think it is sad to have to bribe the parents for letting a girl child live.
If I could have it my way, I would wait till the parents apply for the REWARD (sheesh) gather them all together, take the kids from them and shoot these bloody pathetic pricks.

and this was the comment from KK

stupid concepts we have in our country.

For every damn thing in our country we need to give soaps, subsidies or bribes..whatever you call it...

for farmers, you waive 60,000 crore worth of could keep aside at least one crore to educate farmers on better farming techniques, for creating new markets....

for the girl child, you want to pay for every child leading to crores and crores of rupees to swindle for this government and many more to could try getting tough on dowry could instead get the females more secured high paying jobs which will show the society even women can be better bread earners. You could try educating the new generation youth of the villages that women are progressing...

You could do a million things to secure a better future...

you know what Jayalalitha did for the girl child?
I think it was a novel idea...she launched a scheme to place a cradle in every district, town and village of Tamil Nadu and told the people..don't kill the child..leave her in the cradle and the government will take care of it......


  1. The root of the despair when a girl child is born is marriage . Parents of the girls in most communities have to give and give even if the girls are educated and golden geese.So people see it as girls=marriage.

    If we could shoot the parents of grooms who ask and ask and take, it would be a step to the better.

  2. Kallu: Sometimes we do feel like doing that.. shoot them all!


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