Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The ratio tells it all..

Some still dont believe that India has a skewed sex ratio.. so please check it out officially


  1. India is yet to know the true meaning of a girl. The day people wont get gals for their boys than they will know what they have lost to have an extra piece of sausage. ;) (Pun Intended)

  2. Sa: or get them manufactured from china..

    KK: Finally, we blame it all on God!

  3. you know what - this ratio is a measure of development. so in theory kerala beats most developed countries, but would you agree with that?

  4. That is a tricky question Maddy.. but atleast Kerala is not killing its girls since the girls are are able to stand on their feet or the men folks dont mind them earning. Or the men folks are too lazy to either stop the girls from earning or kill them....

    ahh.. i have no idea...

    does it have to do with 100% literacy and hence the girls getting the education to earn?

  5. hk - if u want to read some real interesting studies, try this

    and this paper agrees with your conclusions - http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~dludden/GenderInequalityMissingWomen.pdf

    however, i read one paper which said that the high ratio is also due to male migration outside state & country...

    and try this - http://www.nira.go.jp/publ/review/97winter/uchi.html

  6. Maddy; thanks for those links.. the one based on religion is interesting.. have to read it deeply though..


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