Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wolves and she wolves

Manoranjan's comment prompted me to continue my previous post.

I agree this is a man’s world, but then I don’t blame just the man alone for all the troubles in this world! At least among the educated, when it becomes to abortion the woman has every say in it and if she refuses to agree, I am sure the man will leave her alone. I believe there may be no say for the women in case she is entirely dependent on the man and she is forced to undergo abortion. And this could be in majority. And then there could be cases where the woman herself wants an abortion even if the man does not agree to it.

And in case of dowry in some households it is the mother who is after it more than the father.

So education should be for one and all irrespective of the gender.

As for wolves, well.. I myself don’t have such a bleak view of this world and its inhabitants – mainly men. There are wolves and she wolves but at the same time there are “real men” who are strong enough to accept and appreciate the strength in a woman. It is only when men hopes to become the “man of the house” by default that trouble sets in a marriage. It is not as though women hate to be under her man but he should earn it as well. The adaptation that is being talked is just that and one can have a happy marriage instead of moments of happiness. And since we don’t have perfect men and women and since most of us don’t care to acknowledge our own weakness, one can’t blame the institution of marriage.

As for husbands protecting his wife from other wolves, I think we wives are quite capable of protecting ourselves, unless you want us to take a stroll all alone through the deadliest neighborhood.


  1. That was the most unecpected post from a lady. Kudos. this post was written with your head than your heart.

    My belief is that anything done right or wrong can be attributed to the all involved. The blamed should be not be based or cast colour creed or sex.

  2. Just saw the comments addressed to me, I guess it may be because the author's name wasn't mentioned anywhere. And my first comment was on cricket, one thing leading to another.

    Everybody is entitled to their views, that includes the wolves too. If men are physically strong women are emotionally strong to brave the realities of life.(that is what you meant by strength of women, right?)

    And happiness is a state of mind both inside and outside marriage.

  3. Absolutely loved this post. Very coherent! and Very apt.

  4. s4: Thanks! so when r u enrolling yourself?

    IG: Yes.. the emotional or mental strength. I blv men and women are wired differently for a purpose and there is no use in fighting against it.

    Roop: thanks


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