Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sponsoring a girl child

I am sure we can do much for the girl child and it costs us not much as detailed by Roop Rai in her post that I copied below:

Nanhi Kali: Sponsor education of a little girl

Nanhi Kali (loosely translated as little girl) is a project jointly managed by K C Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation in India to promote and finance education for under-privileged girl children. For as little as Rs. 1800 per year, you can sponsor education for one of the girls studying between Grade 1 and Grade 7, and for Rs. 2700 per yer, education of a girl studying between Grade 8 and Grade 12 can be financed.

Rs. 1800 a year = only 22 GBP/year, 44 CAD/year, and 45 USD/year
Rs. 2700 a year = just 34 GBP/year, 66 CAD/year, and 67 USD/year
Please visit for updated conversion rates.

I was sent a brief by Nanhi Kali yesterday when I rang them for information. The brief is as follows:

Shreya's parents can't send her to school.
Can you?

If you can’t, the chances are she will end up housebound, exploited as a maid or a child prostitute, be married off early and could even die during childbirth!

We write on behalf of thousands of girls who like Shreya, are forced to dropout of schools because their families cannot afford to keep them there. It is official knowledge that out of every 10 girls who enrol in Std I, only 3 complete Std X. Education for a girl child born to a poor family is still a pipe dream.

The Nanhi Kali project intends to make this appalling fact, history. With your help we can make it sooner.

How you can help:

Sponsor a Nanhi Kali. Be her guardian. Give her the assurance that no matter what trials her family faces she will never have to drop out of school. Your sponsorship will provide her with study material, uniforms and learning support. It will also be used to work with her teachers to create a learning-friendly environment in the government school she goes to.
− To keep a girl in school from Std I - VII, the per annum cost is Rs 1800
− To ensure an older girl continues her schooling from Std VIII - X the per annum cost is Rs 2500

As a guardian:

You will receive a profile of your Nanhi Kali with a photograph. You will also receive half yearly updates about her, so you can track her progress.

To Sponsor a Nanhi Kali you can donate online through

For more information, please contact me at unchaahiATgmailDOTcom or Gauri at r.gauriATmahindraDOTcom.

Me and husband will be sponsoring two girls (one each from both groups) and I'll share my story here as it unfolds. I look forward to hear from more sponsors.


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  3. Hello, I am also thinking about sponsoring a girl child and this looks like a good organisation to do it with.

    How is it going so far?

  4. |Hello Ellie..

    Please log into .. u can see the progress...

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  6. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank God I found it on Google. You've made my day! Thx again...

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  8. Great work.I just stumbled upon your blog.Searching for good fellow bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing this info.No idea if this organisation functions as it is today.Anyway will try to gather info and reach it.

  9. Speak ur mind: am sorry for this late reply, but I am glad you took time to speak ur mind :)

    a warm welcome to my blog and I hope to see you more often.. had a good time at your blog too :)


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