Thursday, January 29, 2009


Let me also write my 2 bit about the Mangalore incident.

Watching it on TV was horrible. So many marauding boys pouncing upon helpless girls and there was none to shield them. They call it mob terror. A word I am tired of hearing. We heard it for the Sikh riots and also during the Gujarat riots. We also continue to hear it during many other incidents. It makes us Indians sound so pathetic. Forget the so called reason that we have a law enforcement agency that is “afraid” of the “mob” but more than that is the fact that some of us don’t have a mind of our own. Some minds can be turned on or off by any Tom, Dick or Harry and for any pathetic reason. They suddenly forget that they are human while imagining that they are the only ones worthy to live. But unfortunately it is not easy to mobilize them for the good reasons; and there are plenty of them in our country and one especially that the whole world is now forced to watch since it has an award tag on it along with a “dog” tag. This mob was also not useful during the “Mumbai” carnage. How ironic.

I also read that this said Sena has not apologized for its behavior and has vowed to continue its act. I am sure India is listening especially since we can see the aftermaths for ignoring it happening very close to us in Pakistan and Afganisthan (let us not go farther). Even they started slowly but steadily and are now almost in total control. We in India continue to use the same word- pathetic to describe it.

An excerpt from an interview with Bajrang Dal on

You too have been vocal about the manner in which girls conduct themselves. Do you have similar plans like the Sena?

No. We will never resort to violence. We are conducting awareness camps in colleges and telling girls about the importance of preserving our culture. Some girls who were found to be misbehaving have been warned. That is the extent we will go up to. Violence against women is a complete no for us.

Wow! Yet again the whole onus of cultural preservation lies singularly upon the mighty shoulders of the “fairer” sex. Now that they have been warned, I am sure they will be marauded/molested the next time. After all these girls are spoiling the weak boys who for some reasons cannot stand on their own. It is just like how I recently read one fine Gentleman write that only Eve is to be blamed for all the sins that Adam committed and continues to be commit. They all do have a common line and we do not have to break our heads analysing them.

But there is one factor which is encouraging. Majority of the Indians, and the political parties has rejected it. BJP too has rejected it. I hope now BJP understands why some of us still hold reservations on “Hinduvata”, how much ever good it is made to sound. But then I do hope it not just for the upcoming elections.

I did listen to discussions on TV where a woman went completely off track and said that drinking is to be blamed and girls and boys should have never been in that pub drinking. While one cannot ignore those women whose lives and homes have been destroyed by “liquor”, this incident is not about drinking or about morality. If it is a licensed pub frequented by men and women and then they have their rights to do so. Maybe it is time these Sena activists stopped drinking themselves into oblivion. Even if anyone has any problems it should only be their immediate family members and not any Tom, Dick or Harry. My son did point it out when he stood watching it with a very shocked expression on his face while we tried to explain the reason. He said none other than their parents have the right to touch them. It is pathetic that these senseless idiots do not have even the reasoning power of a child.


  1. 'Shri Ram Sena' - Ram has an army of monkeys. The self proclaimed saviors of Indian culture proved that they are nothing more than monkeys.

    Religion is a 'shield' for criminals now. Its high time people should isolate those who use religion to shield their crimes. I do not find any difference between the pakistani terrorists and Ram's sena. There is another set of lunatics in the christian group who uses charity as a shield to cover religious conversions by bribing. So virtually every religion has their own set of criminals. Gods must be happy!

  2. you are right...
    those losers do not have the right to touch another soul....

  3. personally one should lay the belt on those testosterone driven idiots and their masters - the so called markada samooham (rama sena) at large in mangalore. little do they know that the greatly worshiped rama & his army from mythology destroyed their own Dravidian heritage once upon a time.

  4. And worse, all these blackguards have been let off on bail - no doubt to continue their moral policing.

    I blame the media also for not having reported the planned attack to the police, as soon as they got wind of it. Once again the media shows its insensitivity.

  5. Ajith: very true.. religion has become a money and power creating tool and it is being misused by every religion. If you have time you can take a look at the "interest" that this blog created for a while when I tried to mention about the Christian wolves in sheep's clothing.

    but then I am sure, if a person tries to convert another only for money, it will be short lived. Money may bring you instant gratification but will not take care of your spiritual wants in the long term and this is what these new age Christians are doing. They gather folks just to show the numbers and then leave them high and dry, in a worse condition than before.

  6. Maddy: but then I do think the media could have shown restraint like how RM commented. While writing this I did not know that they had prior information.
    Imagine the state of affairs when the media is informed and they just take pictures and video, as though this is their main job. In my opinion, the media is there as a service to the public, and hence even they have a responsibility in curbing such acts. Instead of what happened, if they had given enough publicity the police would have been forced to be there too.

    But then if we have the likes of Bharka Dutt etc. then one can expect nothing else.

    the same is happening in TN too regarding the Srilankan issue. I think the media is being misused.

  7. to my horror HK, I was later watching interviews by the media and was stunned to hear girls and women talking only about the evils of drinking - esp. women.

    They seem to have forgotten the incident itself in that the ladies/women had done nothing that was prohibited by law and how justified it was that the men there too were not at the receiving end.

    It was amazing to watch the perpetrators giving TV interviews and handled by the police with velvet gloves.

    But again, I do think it was another tv channel that persisted and ensured that the govt. was forced to take some action. If not for this channel, the whole episode would've been swept under the carpet..!!!

  8. Kat sure some media does take their job seriously.. but what I meant is that if these media people who was busy taking the best shots of the girls being molested had instead informed the police and the public, then things could have been different. It is like being told that a person will be murdered and you go there just to take a good shot but not to prevent the act itself.

  9. Of course I'm in full agreement with that aspect HK.

  10. HAAAAALPPP..!!!!!

    excerpts from today's The Hindu

    “Our activists will go around with a priest, a turmeric stub and a ‘mangal sutra’ on February 14. If we come across couples being together in public and expressing their love, we will take them to the nearest temple and conduct their marriage,” he said. If the couples resisted the move, the girl would be forced to tie a ‘rakhi’ to the boy.

    Mr. Muthalik said his outfit would ensure that Valentine’s Day greeting cards were not sold. Activists would check out stores that sold such cards.

    Asked if his men would use physical force against those celebrating Valentine’s Day, Mr. Muthalik said they “will not take the law into their own hands.”

    On Mr. Muthalik’s threat to forcibly marry off unmarried couples seen in public places on Valentine’s Day, he said: “Let them first commit such an offence and then the law will be enforced.”



    The Bangalore City Police have taken Mr. Muthalik’s threat to disrupt the celebrations seriously and is reportedly considering a proposal to take him and other Sri Ram Sene leaders into preventive custody.

  11. the media is always going to ply to the public demands of sensationalism and for that reason they will always be manipulated. Sponsors need viewership, viewers want scandals & sensational news and everything double quick. see how Naseeruddin shah manipulates them in the beautiful movie A Wednesday, but for the good, if u ask me. The regulators has to curb the amount of sponsor money input.


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