Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moral Police

"Home stay parties mislead young girls."

Mangalore attack: Girls should skip parties, Karnataka women's panel boss says
BANGALORE: If the girls brutalized by moral vigilantes in Mangalore last week were looking for any womanly understanding from the Karnataka State Women's Commission, they were in for a big disappointment.


If we have such woman at the helm of Women's Commissions then it is better the girls in Magalore wear a purdah each time they venture out. 

SHIMOGA: C. Manjula an advocate and member of the Bharatiya Janata Party's Women's Morcha has been appointed Chairperson of the Karnataka State Women's Commission.
She succeeds Prameela Nesargi who resigned from her post recently.
Ms. Manjula, who hails from Bhadravati, is a students' activist right from her college days when she served the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in various capacities. She is nominated as the member of the Syndicate of the Kuvempu University.

I watched the video where these young men were clawing at the girls and hitting the boys.

 If they so love their women folks will they ever treat the girls thus?

 Is it because they are missing all the fun?

Those boys did not appear to be helping any girl, instead they seem to be having good fun molesting those girls. Not sure how the parents of those girls stood watching them be dragged and hit by total strangers. Guess it is time these girls took some karate classes too.

I also suggest these young men be first send to KSA and then to USA. Let them taste both kind of freedom and then learn to appreciate their own country better.



  1. I expected you to write on this infamy.I was sure you would be incensed.

    What is this Indian culture?
    Will the Viswa Hindus and the RSS or the BJP foot soldiers enlighten me please

    1. There will be no enlightment from the foot soldiers.. instead of going after these girls let them help those who need genuine assistance.. but then there will be no sensation right? In these cases, you have the TV crew filming everything and giving you the fame that otherwise one shall never get.


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