Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where are you my dear lady?

Where art thou ?

Why have you abandoned us?

As usual the dates were fixed for June 1st but you did not grace us with your presence?

At times we might have cribbed when you unleashed your full power but please dont treat them seriously. You should know that we cannot be without you. There are some of us who make annual trips just to see you, to touch you.We carry precious memories of your visits and nothing can compare to you.

Yes it is the monsoon that I am talking about. Normally by the end of June the rivers would be full and so would the dams. But this year monsoon seems to have abandoned Kerala. If she does not make an appearance Kerala is doomed! Without power and water, what shall it's residents do? Even those standing in queue for their daily spirit would need a bit of water :)

Every year when we go for vacation we watch the river slowly rising. Although monsoon can be a bit irritating  Keralites know that without it, the state would die a slow death.

It is time for prayers!


  1. Hi
    After so long. I was worried when I started reading the post.
    Yea,the monsoon,why have you forsaken us!

  2. Yes, everyone is waiting for the monsoon. Things are not much better here in Maharashtra, either, I'm afraid. :(

    So, HK, are you still in India or has your vacation ended?

  3. In fact south of Keral gets the hug of the retreating monsoon in October /November. By far she has forsaken her folks this time around

  4. Doc: Great to have you back .....
    Did I get u worried? :) Yea, this is the first time in my life time that the monsoon has not made an appearance. Hope it has got nothing to do with the year 2012!

    Manju: I am back in Kuwait and the heat out is here is almost 55 degrees! but if the monsoon fails to make an appearance, India is doomed.

    Anil: Yes.. dont know what is happening. Heard that the Neelakunrunji which should have made an appearance only in year 2018 is blooming in Munnar. A premonition of something? Even otherwise the weather is strange all around the world.. but of there is no rain then I cant imagine the disaster that awaits.

  5. Yes a premonition , certain.
    Im now watching the thirteen part episode of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos". A second time now after seeing it on Doordarshan in the 1980's. If you have not watched it do now and also ensure you get your kids to watch the episodes. You can download them on torrent if they cannot be bought at the store. Also show them David Attenbourgh's "Planet Earth"

    These two works will do wonders to the children if not for the oldies like us.


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