Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let us have some fun too..

It is jail time for a few politicians in Kerala. The vengeance drama started with Ex-Minister Balakrisha Pillai I guess. Not that he stayed in jail for a long time but it got the stone rolling.

Now we have two major leaders/ MLA in jail for murder.

Kerala high court on Monday dismissed the bail pleas of CPM Kannur district secretary P. Jayarajan and T.V. Rajesh, MLA, the 39th and 38th accused in the Shukoor murder case.

Subsequently, Rajesh surrendered before the Kannur judicial first class magistrate court.

Justice S.S. Satheesachandran, dismissing the applications, observed that the violence that followed the arrest of Jayarajan was indicative of the need for protection of the interests of the society, and hence the petitioner, at a stage when the investigation was in progress, was not entitled to get bail.

Not sure how long they shall stay inside the jail though. And if and ever the next party comes to power I am sure we shall see a few from the Congress too inside the jail. There are enough corruption, looting and murder cases to be unearthed. All these years it used to be, "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" policy by both the parties and the voters just stood by like donkeys. But I think for corruption cases the judiciary should make sure that at least a part of the money is recovered from the concerned fraudsters and if they are convicted, their MLA/MP rights should be scrapped. This will ensure that the tax payers shall not pay a paisa more to these looters in the way of pension etc.

It is indeed fun time for the voters.

Why should the politicians have all the fun; let the voters too have a bit of it!

Edited to add:

 A vigilance enquiry has been ordered against Minister KM Mani and Chief Whip PC George. 




  1. Masses, that includes you and me as well are donkeys. The political class know that well. We in our comparative cocoon of comfort make incensed statements and there ends the story. The looters know that we will not want to brood any threat to our comfort and so we stop at just crying wolf.
    Then some of us , may be the society at large see looting and corruption in public life as sine qua non of present day life and a symbol of achievement and greatness!

    1. For sure we are donkeys too :)

      Yes... a Minister becomes God in the eyes of the voter even when he knows that he is being looted left and right.

  2. Nothing is going to happen.Do you seriously think they stay in the jail,the same way as ordinary criminals do? they come out of jail in crisp white clothes,grinning wide,with smiling policemen on either side.And Pillai,he spent more time outside than inside the jail.He still remains the leader of a party!
    No politician will be punished in India. Most of them are criminals.KM Mani is the most intelligent thief. he started off as an advocate without cases in a two shutter shop in Palai ,and owns half of Kerala now.Why no one is asking?
    Most of the leftist leaders are criminals. But that is a qualification they need to become a leader in that party.

    1. Doc: Yes.. sadly nothing will happen.. they shall have a great time in and out of the jail and will use this to increase their political mileage.. and the voters shall vote them back to power again.. hence it is time laws are made so that such criminals are banned from contesting and they are also stripped off their titles and salaries.

      It is amusing to see that only Malayala Manorama (online) has not reported on Mani and George :) partners in crime?

  3. Well A, if Manorama reports on those two cunning mavericks then the whole officialdom of the Christian Church will root for the blood of Maman Mappila family.

  4. Anil: Even otherwise the Church must be working over time to help these two innocent lambs... and soon they shall emerge as wounded victims of politics... akin to Sr. Abhaya case.. if not for the influence of the Church and Mani. Sr. Abhaya would have got justice..

  5. You know there is this anecdote." Jesus came back to earth and was strolling around. Suddenly he began to run and run he did for his life. seeing Jesus run frantically, a bystander asked him 'christ why are you running as if it is for your life?". Christ replied,"my friend see that mob there coming after me, they are the clergy men and if they catch me they will put me on the cross again."

    1. Christ fled from most Churches.. now only his name is needed for various reasons. How else can one explain the audacity of many who says that there is nothing wrong in amassing wealth in his name! You may check some of the comments on my post on the "Fickleness of Faith"... They prey on the weak faith of the mass and charm them with wealth, health and heaven!

  6. i think what should be done to these characters is what tessa did to Hegde in No 22 femals Kottayam

    1. That is a good suggestion. as for the movie, i did not like the way the movie ended. If the director wanted to end movie in a light way, he coulx jave just done away with the castration. Faisal'S Son can act.


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