Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wear Jeans and...

Wear jeans and face acid is the latest from the Indian moral police. Until now this particular group was unheard of, but now they earned their moment of fame and maybe a foot in politics.

Posters put by an outfit in the Jharkhand capital have threatened acid attacks on girls and women who wear jeans or do not wear a dupatta. The police said it could be a case of mischief.
The handwritten posters, put up by Jharkhand Mukti Sangh at several points in the city, including St. Xavier's College and Albert Ekka roundabout, read: "From 20/8/2012 (Aug 20), jeans have been banned for girls. Any girl will be found wearing jeans and moving without dupatta will be attacked with acid."
The poster also warns against displacing people for industrialisation. "Companies involved in land acquisition will be attacked," it said.
"We have heard about about this outfit for the first time. This can be a case of mischief. We are trying to trace the people involved," a police officer told IANS.

Else, who are they kidding?

A county which gave Kamasutra to the masses (the universe?) and which is still up in the charts among the downloads cannot feign innocence.

Can this country suddenly wear a purdah?

Or let us talk about the population explosion. How did that come by? From test tubes?

Or let us talk about the latest hit, Sunny Leon? 

With the Four of Pentacles, Jism 2 will recover its’ money at the box office and will have a stable showing. It will certainly receive its’ rewards. The chemistry of the film will be enjoyed and will find audiences curious to see the film. The female quotient, as shown in the Queen of Cups & Wands shows that Sunny Leone will be the obvious pull, whereas the lack of strong male tarot cards explains that the male actors – Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh may go unnoticed.

Sunny, a strong business woman will look to expand her career beyond acting. She will find production an enticing opportunity, and with the Sun showing up, she will definitely receive success in this endeavour of hers. These successes won’t come without the strains represented by the Three of Swords, but with the strong Four of Wands foundations that she will lay, it will be hard for her to not do well.

Overall, Sunny will achieve well in India – especially in 2013.

It’s a male voyeurs delight. Ignore the hackneyed story and substandard acting!

Jism 2 is the story of Izna (Sunny Leone), a porn star who is hired by intelligence agency officers Ayaan (Arunoday Singh) and his boss (Arif Zakaria) to enter Kabir Wilson’s (Randeep Hooda) life.  Incidentally, Kabir, a rogue cop, also happens to be Izna’s ex-flame who walked out on her five years ago without a word. Izna agrees to help, but has her own agenda too. Ayaan and Izna pose as a couple and move into the house opposite Kabir’s. They are in search for some crucial data that’s stored in Kabir’s laptop. The hunt for the information, Izna’s dilemma over her first love and a few erotic sequences form the rest of the story.

Where else but in India can such miracles happen?

Stop fooling!



  1. Many of the current porn actresses came from modelling field.Some can act well.I don't find a reason why our moral police have come against her.Ours is a pervert society who doesn't want to accept things.They secretly watch porn,and despise the actresses,molest and rape girls,but talk too much about morality.Having traveled a lot,I haven't seen a place so obsessed with sex than ours.We can only see sex in everything.

    1. Yes Doc.. it is out of obsession and nothing else! Or maybe they are just not getting enough after watching all this porn :) Frustrated lot I should say....

  2. This is the latest of several recent stupid diktats by various such organisations.

    With so many serious problems confronting our society today, one wonders why they make a public fuss about what is essentially a question of personal preference.

    1. Yes Manju, there are so many other pressing problems.. and these are the same men who kill their girls too... if you cannot cover them up kill them..

  3. Talking first about porn actors.I have seen once on a Dutch TV channel the shooting of a porn. Let me say that is no easy job for the actors. I felt the conventional film actors have their job cut out and easy. I would like to see a porn and the Bollywood avatar of Ms Leoen.
    Look the nonsense and utter hooliganism of these moral scoundrels is just to garner publicity.Going by their token of demands, will they vandalise the sculptures of Kujarahao?

    I think there must be vigilante squads to cane these scoundrels out of reckoning.

    1. It might not be an easy task but they are well compensated I guess... Well you can watch Jism instead of a porn :)

      Of course this is just for publicity and not out of love for anything... there must be stern action since India is a free country and I cant understand what the poor Jeans has to do with culture! Sometimes I wonder if it is because it covers up well..

  4. Deepu has left a new comment on your post "Wear Jeans and...":

    Those who put up such cultural hooliganism.might be the same men who like to objectify their women rather a closet sex pervert. Nothing would stop unless, boys and girls of our age come together to bash them up.

    But seriously, you did watch Jism 2 .. ;-)

    1. Deepu, i think this is your first time... a warm welcome to my blog. Do visit often and leave valuable comments.

      I agree that the the current generation should face this hooliganism boldly.

      As for jism 2, i have not watched it, nor am I going to... I prefer watching the antics of Akshay Kumar any day. But then talking about Hindi films and exposure of skin let us take Deepika Padukone... in the films I have watched her, I have not seen her she has barely covered 5 % of her body.. very allergic to cloth, I persume :) not that I have any problem... but the point is who watches these films?... is it the Americans, Europeans or those from Africa? Of course Indians... and that too from places like Jharkhand.. so whom are they fooling?


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