Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Oxygen?

Nuclear deal.. is it on or off??

My friend George wrote thus .......


  1. deal or no deal - it is all a matter of economics & business, at the end of the day. Only one worry, how are we going to add all those energy sources that we need to take india forward? instead of focusing on the 'nukelar' aspect, why not look at the power plant part - all the writers? where is the front - left or right going to bring it from now or in 10 years??

  2. sure we all end up with this question.. how to bring the power.. i think it has to be the nuclear deal but the deal has to be modified.. since US is definitely going to benefit a lot from this deal, they just have to trust the Indian democracy and not put restrictions on India. After all, US cannot compare India to other rogue countries and we are hearing it finally from US themselves.

  3. no HK - the answer is in the first line - business - who is the buyer & who is the seller...the nukelar business is a sellers market!!
    rest is politics


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