Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We mallus were very eloquent when it came to criticizing the ill treatment meted out by the Sponsors in Gulf. We were astonished, shocked and in tears seeing those who were tortured by their sponsors.. but now it is more shocking to realize that we may be no better.

The treatment given to those two ladies were shocking. One was even pregnant and yet she was not spared. We even saw a child trying to stop this and being tossed around. And the reason – they suspected her of stealing an anklet. No proof, yet verdict given so easily.

Next time we open our big mouths to criticize, let us stop and think…


  1. i know & agree, i read about this on Abe's blog too. Apathetic as I remarked...are we also going the Bihar way??

  2. It is disgusting.. Happened in Tamil Nadu too.. many times.. In my own village, there was a guy, who apparently had stolen a few eggs.. The villagers literally cut off his tongue..

  3. maddy.. Bihar way.. ahmmm though I blv our Politicians do deserve these kinds of spontaneous reactions!

    sirpy.. thanks for passing by.. so u r learning all the managements tricks eh?


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