Tuesday, October 16, 2007


"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." This is what Jesus told Pharisees and Herodia (who were sent to trap him) when he was asked about paying taxes to Ceaser. What an apt response and how crystal clear was the reply!

You might wonder why I am writing this here. It is about the recent media hype on late Mathai Chacko. Pinarayi’s violent reaction on the Bishop’s statement looked pathetic. Can Pinarayi ever decide who loses or gain faith in their own religion? Has he taken over the minds of his communist flock? Is he God to read the minds of his cronies? If Mr. Chacko did have faith can Pinarayi do anything to change it. Why was Pinarayi so shocked and agitated?

On the other side why did the Bishop drag poor Mathai Chacko to the center of this controversy? If Mathai lost his faith who is to blame for this? The religious institutions cannot wash their hands and stand by claiming to have no part to play. If it was in response to the statement from the Communist Leaders, then it was totally un-called for.

Religion is something personal and it is between you and the Almighty. And the Almighty sees only your heart, he is not bothered with the flags that you wave down on this earth. Even if one takes the last rites or not, it is after all your own heart that communicates with the Almighty. As Nikesh of India Vision commented, it is not the job of a Bishop to reply in the same coin to the politicians. Their job is only to look after the spiritual health of their sheep and if you have done right, they will for sure choose the right path. And if you want to bring them back to your fold, please choose the right means.

But then.. it is again dirty politics.. and sadly even the Church seems to love all the attention. Or are they diverting the attention from other glaring truths? Maybe the Sister Abhaya Case?

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  1. hi,

    i have seen bits of this on TV but did not know what was happening. In Kerala anythign can happen !! petty poitics and people are like frogs in the well, they talk and comment as if they know everything and have seen the world. poor guys, feel pathetic seeing them.
    Pinarayi, the good for nothing useless guy, the ever green parasite of society, i do really pity him and his dumb attitude to life.


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