Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slap slap..

Those days are gone.. yet it was shocking to hear that an actress was slapped by a director.

I like Padmapriya. She reminds me of yet another actress that I love to watch on the screen - Shobana.

Padmapriya left her executive job to pursue a career in acting and she is an inteligent girl. The director's excuse that it was because she was not acting properly is pathetic.


  1. Well i am sure half of the film industry works the same way. Its just another publicity stunt..

  2. The film world (world over) is supposedly pretty cruel. But this was a little strange, who is this joker of a director 'samy'? sometimes these annachis can be petty 'thara' parties!!

  3. Guys.. can u tell me for whom this publicity should work for..

    as for the Actress, I dont think she needs at the moment since she is already doing good and besides she has an option of returning to her previous career.

    If it for the Director, then he has asked for a very bad publicity.. I am sure no talented artist would want to get slapped around under him.


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