Monday, October 15, 2007


Can someone tell me why the export of Indian rice has been stopped?

It is a fact that most Indians cannot do without rice. As for me, if I havn't had my quota of rice for the day then I had nothing!

When I first landed in Kuwait, there was not much choice of rice. The closest rice to our taste was “American Chef”. It looked just like the rice back home and was clean and easy to cook. We were completely hooked onto it until the arrival of a variety of rice like the “Palakkadan Matta”, “Nirapara" etc. Though the cooking time was more than the American one, we switched over to the Indian variety. I always preferred the brown rice to the white one.

And now they say this will be stopped. I am sure the prices will soar and we will soon be back with the Amercian Rice. There is the Egyptian rice too, but it is too thick and not like the ones we are used to.

Whatever may be the reasons for this ban, it is the Indian government who stand to lose to the American and Thai rice. And it was only the Indians who were consuming this rice.

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  1. that's news to me. we have no problems here, but the dall's from india had gone up in price and the desi store has a big notice up saying india is responsible..


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