Sunday, November 4, 2007

Down Memory Lanes

Last night while getting ready to sleep, saw Jayabharathi and Nazir on the screen (Soorya TV).. I realized that I knew the movie and that I was present while this song was being shot. Suddenly there was a rush of memories of the good old days. It was the old movie “Ariyapadatha Rahsyam” – by Thambi Kannanthanam. Artists: Nazir, Jayan, Jayabaruthi, Prameela, Jose Prakash, Janardhanan etc. It was produced by a family friend, hence we got a close look at the film world. The film was released in 1981 and I was still in school. I still remember most of the scenes and even the down to earth Nazir on the sets. He was the favorite of the Actresses and they spared no time to seek his attention. And then there was the ever lasting Jayan. His fight with an elephant looks very silly now and the kids were forcing me to switch channels. Somehow I wanted to sit there and take a walk along the memory lanes. Some shots were from the Estate where we grew up. This friend of ours took one more movie “ Thavalam” and then he was broke! The movies back then had plots so thick with twists and turns that towards the end it is fun to see how they wind up the story. As for Jayabharati, she was looking sexy and beautiful as ever. The perfect screen mate for the evergreen lover Nazir! It was sometime after this that Jayan met his untimely death. But the mimicry artists have copied his style with no exaggeration!


  1. Hey Haps...I believe she is called 'Jayabharathi'......and not Jayabharuthi.

    Rightly said, she was one helluva actress, who cud raise eye-lids, head and the body temperature.

    They dont make such actresses now. Its either too sleazy or a vamp or its a perfect next door girl types.

    None are as diverse and talented as Jayabharathi and Sheela.

  2. Hello..nice blog..Can we exchange links?

  3. never knew you know some of the Malayalam movies big ones. BTW i don't know any one. buts its always great to know that you have old memories rushing back to us :)


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