Saturday, November 10, 2007

The return

I have always believed that when there are more people wanting to get into a country than get out, then the country is making progress. I also believed that the time when those in Gulf find a reason to return to their home country then there is proof of progress.. and I see that it is already happening..

Will India's Construction Boom Lure Laborers Back Home?
by Sanjeev Choudhary, The Economic Times, India Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News
Tuesday, November 06, 2007 India's growth story has thrown up immense job opportunities for expat and NRI managers, pilots and other high-salaried professionals, so far. Now it's the turn of cheap and skilled labor from outside India to participate in the growth story. Companies have already started hiring or plan to hire such labor by the thousands.


  1. Happy Kitten: I have always wondered and wanted to write on Issues.. but i have never tried doing so.. You are one such person who writes from the heart on the core issues we as human beings and as Indians face...

    Well, I don burst Crackers...I hate Polluting...

  2. Hey.. that is some valuable comments from the naughty boy!

    Thanks a bunch!

    and yes.. i write when something touches my heart. nd it is true.. every Gulf wala want to rtn if possible.. unlike the other expats who make a home in the host country.. here we cannot since it is not possible..

  3. some countries make it possible - i read that in the UAE they are sending back a thousand or so for 'striking'...

  4. Come down man.. we can have lot more fun here


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