Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sister Abhaya

One of my readers prompted me to write this today..

After all the drum beating, this case is dying again. Woe to all those criminals who are behind this. It is a pity that there is only a Joemon Puthepurakal to uphold justice in our country. After Nawab Rajendran, we have one more to follow his footsteps. I think we need more like this if our courts and police are dead.


  1. The rich and powerful always get their way through. But will it be worthy in the long run.? Will there be peace of mind ?

    The second and third generation will squander everything earned the illegal way. Just wait and see. An inviolable truth of life..


  2. YOu are tagged again visit for more details.

    BTW i am back from my native

  3. GS: I was hoping at least this case would be solved..

    S4: welcome back.. hope u had a lovely Diwali.. thanks for passing by


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