Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hiroshima - Right or Wrong?

Hiroshima bomb pilot dies aged 92

Gen Tibbets (centre) always said he had no regrets

The commander of the B-29 plane that dropped the first atomic bomb, on Hiroshima in Japan, has died.
Paul Warfield Tibbets Jr died at his home in Columbus, Ohio, aged 92.

The five-ton "Little Boy" bomb was dropped on the morning of 6 August 1945, killing about 140,000 Japanese, with many more dying later.

On the 60th anniversary of the bombing, the three surviving crew members of the Enola Gay - named after Tibbet's mother - said they had "no regrets".


I am not sure if in all his 92 years he dint have a single day of regret. Of course he was only dispensing orders. And what about the person who made this decision? Did he ever regret? I guess one has to be a Japanese to answer this.

In short every country will have their own justifications if and when a N-Bomb is dropped again. But if we dont have any regrets over the first one then the next one is inevitable.


  1. since i read the articles in paper & saw iton TV, i was also answers to that

  2. The bombing was a quick way to resolve a complex problem. That pretty sums it up.

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  4. My belief is its the one who gave the order. cos the guy who made it said "i never knew the n bomb can be so devastating else i wouldn't have made it"

  5. i have been to the bomb hit area in hiroshima!...its heart breaking!i feel tibbet would have regretted his action later....but regret does not bring back the lost moment!


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