Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Will it ever be worth it?

A few years down, there will be discussions and debates...

Was it worth it?

....More than 3,850 US troops have died during the Iraq war...
....More than 1.... civilians (Iraqis) have died.....
.... More than 1..... are displaced.........
......More than..1..... women have been widowed....
........More than ....1..... children have been orphaned...

nd for what?

... in return for democracy???
... in return for Saddam???
.... in return for Oil???

Evey day more women are selling themselves to feed their family.. they are begging and foraging on the streets for daily bread..

r these exaggerated news or the truth?

or will we one day say that it never happened like some say about the Holocaust.. since it would be more convenient...

Decay and death

David Smith reflects on the filthy state of a once-wealthy Baghdad neighbourhood and attends the memorial service for a fallen US soldier


  1. you forgot afganisthan and vietanam :)

    Its US of A and no matter how much sacarstic comments are passed there wont be anything done.

  2. The Iraq War has been a disaster, because the original premises for it were unjustified from the beginning. There were no WMDs as well as noticeable terrorist presence before the invasion.

    But we can't lump the Iraq War and other wars the U.S. involved in together like the way "s4n705h" suggested. The original premises for the Vietnam War, for example, were to prevent the Chinese from spreading communism to the country and to develop a democracy there to counter the balance. The Americans failed to do so, but at least the premises were justified. The same thing applies to Aghanistan.

  3. this is one topic where i had and have much to say. Long time ago - a few days before the war started I wrote an article stating the fallacies and tried sending it to many papers, never got accepted, a paper which published other articles of mine said that I could not submit more than one article within a 90 day span!!

  4. Neo - I guess it is time US seriously reviewed their foreign policy. It is time they sincerely checked why they went for each war. I am sure the soldiers and those who were leading them had noble intentions but I doubt the same when it comes to the administration. Politics is after all power and money.. all over the world

    Maddie - can we have a link to those articles?

  5. i will try & put a couple of them on my page - have to figure out how to upload pdf files - sun sentinel does not maintain all old articles on their web archives..


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