Saturday, November 10, 2007

It stings..

Death stings…. It has been a week full of mourning. First it was Hubby’s uncle who succumbed to cancer. It was only a month back that I saw him full of health and vigour and thought maybe he had defeated his enemy.

Then one of our Egyptian colleague died in a car accident in Egypt. The last time I saw him was when he was completing his leave formalities and now his picture is up on our notice board. Having seen him around for more than 10 years, his face still looms large.

And the latest was the death of a 9th standard boy in our children’s school. A picnic that turned into tragedy. It is always sad to hear the death of a youngster. You think of the life that was snuffed out so early and then you grieve for the parents who can never be consoled. After all these years of upbringing, suddenly your beloved child is no more! Oh it hurts!

But then death is not the end of everything. Back in Kerala, we have these hearse (small ones) used for funeral processions. I have seen a lot of them during my child hood vacations spent in my hometown Mavelikara. My Father’s house used to be on the main road side and higher than the level of the road. This means we had a good view of the dead and the mourning relatives. But what caught my eye was this ominous phrase written on the carriage “Today me, tomorrow you”! What a simple explanation for those who are left behind. Yet we continue to ignore this truth. Death of another is just a reminder of our mortality. It reminds us that we have no control on the next seconds and it urges us to stops fighting and hating each other. It nudges us to love, be kind, faithful and forgiving to each other. It tells us to go slow, to smell the roses, to hug your loved ones and to thank them for being there for us. It tells us to stop hoarding your wealth for the future but to enjoy the present. It tell us not to worry and hurry.. since we don’t know if we are present in those moments that we plan for.

If only we were aware of this simple truth, there would be no wars and yes… there would be peace on earth.


  1. “Today me, tomorrow you”! so true. it's the whole essence of life.
    nice thought.

    I am sorry for departed souls. hope theirs souls rest in peace.

  2. HK - I was amazed at the coincidence - two weeks back I lost my uncle who succumbed to cancer and a week later a nephew studying in Manipal drowned on his brithday!

  3. S4: Death stings...but life has to go on...

    Maddy: sorry.. i know how it hurts..


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