Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Belated Eid wishes to all...

Some of us here in Kuwait were off duty for 5 days and this post took time to complete. On the first day of Eid we thought of driving with a cousin and family to Abdali which is close to Iraq border but dropped the idea since it was raining. The rains which had abandoned Kuwait since a few years are now back. It was still drizzling and the weather moody, so we selected the 360 mall to spend the day. Being the first day of Eid and early in the day the place was almost empty. Malls in Kuwait are normally crowded since this is where everyone hangs out.

I had always wanted to take a few snaps and finally got the chance.

Was always facinated by these decorations.

This one goes all the way to the ground floor....

Beautifully Symmetrical

The big children (Hubby and his cousin) along with the children had the Game Zone in their minds specially the bowling area and hence we started from there. It was empty and everyone had a good time toppling the pins.

For hunger, we tried the newly opened Asian express but all their items were too sweet to my taste. The kids had selected the much tried Charley’s Sandwiches and I wished I had joined them instead. We got out of the mall in time for coffee and hot samosas at home.


  1. Belated Eid wishes to you too! Seems like you really had a good holiday! Great pics!

  2. Wow! The mall looks really swanky! I never get to see such swanky malls here. Even here, Asian food ends up too sweet..

    Great that you had a good break :)

  3. Eid Mubabrak to you too. Lovely pics !

  4. whew five days official leave...lucky U :) . here we can't even dream about the same

    The pics looks beautiful but why those malls are not crowded
    between belated E - Id mubarak

  5. Dreamer: Holidays dont come often here.. nd not like in GOC :) (Hartals, bandhs and all the religious holidays)

    Smitha: This is the latest addition and this is where the population hangs out..

    2B's Mom: Thanks..

    Vinod: Thanks..

  6. Anish: Normally the local population stays at home on the 1st day of Eid.. else these malls are crowded.. this one being new is yet to be swamped and they have a paid parking lot.. but otherwise even getting a parking space is very difficult (even with multi floors)..

  7. I remember those days when we used to go to the watering hole sin bahrain or dubai for the week's holidays..Now to get that kind of a break is tough...

  8. Maddy: People still make this trip.. nd now you have the local no frills airlines offering you great rates too... nd now we also hear that Basra has taken off prohibition.. dont know if people are taking the risk though...


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