Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The ultimate source for many!

The latest campaign in the name of terror is from Idea and one may have seen Junior Bachan urging the nation to talk for India.

I guess the entire nation has been talking much on terror and even major police officers are busy doing their talks.

As for Idea, are they out for publicity?

Will the fund thus collected go for the purchase of safety gears or will the public be left in the lurch as usual?

If their main site shows the following:

*The campaign is an initiative of mobile operator, IDEA Cellular, which has a subscriber base of over 53 million across the country. The campaign will be supported across print, television, digital and outdoor media space. The funds accumulated from calls initiated from the network during the 'Talk for India Hour' will be donated to the Government.

Their terms and conditions shows thus..

Talk for India

Terms to be displayed on
1. Idea will contribute an amount equal to Net Income from all voice calls originating from Idea numbers and made within India between 8:36pm and 9:36pm on 26/11/09 towards procuring safety gear for the police force.
2. Idea reserves the right to disburse the amount to a body / entity/ organization / person or to divide it amongst a number of bodies / entities / organizations / persons suitably identified by Idea for the purpose.
3. The process and time of disbursing the amount shall be solely at the discretion of Idea.
4. The time and manner of contribution will be decided solely by Idea.
5. Subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

Why did Idea Cellular chose to put the second condition if the money is going to the government of India?

Should one care?

Just keep talking....


  1. At least IDEA have come up with an idea.
    If they donate the amount to the Govt,we know what will happen and where will it go.
    If the amount is given to those who suffered,yes,it will begreat idea.

  2. Finally some one is coming up with something innovative.I appreciate there idea(though it is a indirect publicity\ad but still).Lets hope it will be a good initiative and good start .

  3. It will be really good if they do fulfill what they claim they are setting out to do. And of course since nothing in life comes free, I am sure the publicity doesn't hurt IDEA much. Lets be optimistic, though. If this does work out maybe there will be other initiatives of this kind.

  4. I would say we can never teach the mobile operators how to advertise because they are masters in it.

    IDEA will never go for any plans unless they are sure to make enough money for their use. Idea will not take a decision to raise money and donate unless they see something really fascinating behind the offer.

    Regarding second point I think they want to ensure they have a loop hole to escape if anything goes beyond their expectations.

  5. The idea of Idea is good but they got the wrong actor to broadcast it. Abhsihek cannot speak Hindi properly and his expression is fake.

  6. Intention, at least, is noble. Kudos to for transparent execution, lets hope for the best :-)

  7. I'm afraid that I don't agree with this type of initiative- it seems like they are trivializing the issue of terror.

    Safety gear for policemen should be purchased on a priority basis by the government, and not be dependent on people 'talking'!

  8. BKC: IDEA is coming up with good ideas and who else but one of the the best in the industry is behind this..

    If you have money, then there is no dearth of ideas!

    nd one shouldnt call this as a donation from Idea since the money is that of the public....let Idea/Lintas take credit only for the IDEA.

    nd if this fund indeed reaches the police then let us be thankful..

    Anish & Dreamer: on one hand it seems good but it somehow reminds me of those collections that the parties back home start in the name of a dead person... but then let us be optimistic..

  9. Abhi: Yes.. they have become masters.. nd for sure they will be something good for them.

    Vinod: I heard the one in English... but then Junior does have the charms of the Senior and people may forgive him for his Hindi...

    Manju: sure.. the govt. should have done this by now.. and for this reason they have already collected money by way of taxes...nd I hope instead of shaming them into action, they dont just continue to be inactive while enjoying the usual perks...

  10. Yosee: A warm welcome to u...

    let us hope the intentions are noble..and that the money reaches the Police force...

  11. Well well well... That's a noble thing to do, if they're entirely honest with it.

    I think Chowlaji is right when you think about condition #2. IDEA might mean they've the right to disperse the money among different entities of Govt like NSG, Mumbai Poilce and the likes instead of a single cheque to Home Ministry, GoI.. I think the policemen guarding those hotels really would need some help after reading about their plight.

    Appreciate IDEa for this, and thanks for putting this up HK :)

  12. Scorpio: I checked to see if there is any info on the amount collected.. but not yet...

    hope the wait to see the money serve its purpose will not be indefinite :)


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