Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The five pillars that MM Singh will uphold

While searching the net to know the significance of MM Singh’s visit to US, I landed on this particular page and the five pillars.

Supposedly, these are the five pillars that our Prime Minister will uphold while in the US soil.

1. Strategic cooperation that includes arms sales, joint military exercises and joint military cooperation in combating maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden. (There are significant new sales on the horizon, up to $18 billion worth of contracts, for which American companies are competing)

2. The second pillar of the U.S.-India relationship is that of energy and climate change (India currently emits about 4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases)

3. A third pillar is in economics, trade and agriculture. (Two-way trade with India was about $5 billion in 1990, rose to $14 billion in 2000 and reached nearly $50 billion in 2008, according to U.S. trade statistics.)

4. Cooperation in education ( India will open up the higher education sector to greater foreign investment)

5. Cooperation in science and technology ( $30 million science and technology endowment to be used for joint research and development, innovation, and commercialization.)

Hopefully we shall also hear MM Singh say that Pakistan needs to stop exporting terror etc etc etc etc...


  1. Hopefully everything will go perfect.
    @ pakisthan : In fact now a days pak government is not supporting it.They lost control over them.Frequent bomb blast in pak shows that.Now they don't have anything(either money or power) and they need some ones help to fight aganist them.........'The one will reap what he sows'

    P.S : When this fight -war and all will end(thought it is clearly written about the same in bible - end days).I guess if they spend those millions for the needy children, civilians in third world countries , the world would have been far better

  2. This is the first time I have seen Manmohan Singh being called MM Singh!

    I wonder what has happened to the real pillar - the Nuclear Deal!

  3. Anish: If there was no profit in war then it would never be there!

    Vinod: hope I didnt offend anyone by this name.. guess I am annoyed with another Mammohan Singh who is in the news these days :)

    as for the nuclear deal.. it is very much there too... they are now happy that India has been brought under control :)

    Another area of strategic cooperation is in nonproliferation of the world’s most deadly weapons. “There is now much greater cooperation as a result of the [2008] civil nuclear deal,” Blake said. “And increasingly now, we see India as a partner in global nonproliferation initiatives.”

  4. India may not need US interference in Indo-Pak issues. What Manmohan can ask US is to stop providing arms and aids to all those terrorists around the world...

  5. Rocksea: but is it not too late for that now? we are already looking up to US to solve our problems.. as for the money.. did you listen to Obama's calculated reply to an Indian journalist when she asked about the aid to Pakistan? Obama do not want to lose Pakistan for many reasons and yesterday I did listen to him asking Pakistan to be more stern.. but this is not enough.. as you said the funding needs to be stopped...


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