Monday, November 16, 2009

The road to terror .......

Soon it will be one year since we viewed the shocking scenes from Mumbai and there still remains many questions unanswered. The following news caught my eyes this morning.

According to top officials, the bigger concern for the government is to crack the sleeper cells that both Headley and Rana were in touch with to conduct attacks here. While the arrests may have delivered a blow to those plans, the fact remains that trained terror cells were here for this purpose and they have not yet been busted.

What a reassuring report! Even after a year we still haven’t discovered those Indians who helped the terrorists and now because of Headley we have this exercise just to satisfy the nation’s curiosity.


There is no record of Rana’s departure from Kochi but a few days later, there is evidence of him surfacing in Mumbai.

Does this happen only in India?

Recently when we went to UAE, our passports were kept at the hotel reception and we could have it only when we vacated the hotel. I am sure this is the law in many countries and while applying for a Visa it is mandatory to supply the address of the hotel / place of residence.

I am aware that even in India we have similar laws but do we really have the luxury of not following it even after so many incidents?

Please take a look at a travel advice given to US citizens..

At the Hotel

Foreign security services have well-established contacts with hotels that commonly host conferences and meetings with international participation. Some even have their own office within the largest hotels. If the local intelligence service considers you a significant intelligence target, you are likely to be assigned a room that is equipped to monitor your in-room conversations and phone calls. To avoid this, it may help to make your own room reservation in a smaller hotel less frequented by foreigners.

In many countries, you will be asked to surrender your passport when registering at a hotel. This is a routine procedure, as hotels must submit a daily report to police on all registered guests. Although a routine police procedure, be aware that this information may also be reviewed by a local intelligence service looking for targets of opportunity. Don't forget to get your passport back at the earliest possible time.

But then if one thinks that our government has been sitting idle in all matters then no. We have now signed the world largest defense deal with US worth $ 10 billion which may bring in 126 fighter aircraft to our Air Force.

The Indian Air Force Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) Competition, commonly known as the MRCA Tender, is an ongoing competition to supply the Indian Air Force with 126 Multi-Role Combat Aircraft. The Defence Ministry has allocated Rs. 42,000 crore for the purchase of these aircraft (Approx. US$10.5 billion).[1]

While I do agree that our fighter pilots deserve the best aircrafts and that our Air Force needs to be strengthened, I wish the same enthusiasm is shown in every other aspects of our security.

Can we leave our internal monitoring / governing in shambles and expect our armed forces to secure our country?


  1. You will be surpised to note that there were about 30 SIM cards purchased from Kolkotha and reported by IB that they were in hands of militants.

    Still nothing was done by intelligence agencies to track those mobile numbers and deactivate the same.

    These 30 mobile SIMs got activated by the terrorists when they were appoaching Gateway in rubber boat from the ship Kuber. If they had tracked it they would have noticed all of a sudden 30 SIMs got activated near Gateway these 30 mobile numbers if deactivated the terrorists could not have cotacted their couterparts in Pakistan through satellite phones.

    There are n number of such gaps , NSG plane was delayed to take off from Delhi for more than 45 minutes by hoem minister Patil.

  2. The world is fully crazy fellows.and also india is facing probs from all the sides like jihad ,maoists,naxlates,LTT etc.So we have to stay alerted and equiped always(say 24*7) .I don't know when our officials are gonna learn this....What is happening now a days is really disheartening

  3. Do you know that many Pakistanis who came to India by road/train have simply disappeared and no one knows where they are? Our intelligence systems and sense of responsibility are both shocking.

    Everyone knows that 26/11 could not have been mounted without more people being involved in India. The FBI has unearthed two; India has yet to find even one.

  4. I feel ashamed even if I write about 26/11.The world will be laughing at us.We have a damn all in the last one year and now FBI is giving us clues about Headly,rana and the cities they visited.
    Why have the intelligence bosses not been hauled up and sacked?Because they seem to be working for their political bosses and not for the country.
    Do you expect them to succeed with 26/11 enquiry?
    They are the same force who has lost the bullet proof vest of Karkare,who has lost the file containg details of scam.
    We are looked as idiots in Pak and rest of the world.
    Why is Kasab still alive?
    Why is Afzal Guru not hanged yet.
    Minority appeasement and votes.

  5. Arushi: Welcome and thank you for your comments..

    There are n number of such gaps ....very true...

    these gaps needs to be closed...

    nd today's NP reports thus..

    Generosity of the Indian Consulate in Chicago appears to have facilitated the entry into India of Tahawwur Rana, arrested by the FBI in connection with a terror plot against India..

    The two were exempted even from registering with the police if their stay did not exceed 180 days. Rana was given a year-long business visa and Samraz was here on a tourist visa valid for five years. Both of them arrived at Mumbai airport on November 12 last year after which they travelled to Kochi in Kerala on November16.

  6. Anish: very true.. this world has become complex and the concerned authorities has to be active 24*7 as u say..

    Vinod: We have made it very easy for many to get in and do what they want... nd those who are responsible for these lapses are not being punished..

    The FBI has unearthed two; India is yet to find even one... (think they have found one!)

    nd now only because of Headley there are attempts...

  7. BKC: Wish someone would answer your valid questions..

  8. The main problem that is faced in India I think is that when conducting investigations into terror strikes, once they start figging deep enough they trail will eventually lead to some neta. And then full stop. The investigation will stall and the general public is left with unanswered questions as usual.

  9. Dreamer: very true... if someone like Kavitha is finding it difficult to untangle the mess, then imagine all those with lesser resources... still let me put my hopes on this strong lady... I am sure she can be a hope to many others who are being denied justice.

  10. You have made such relevant points.. As long as our govt continues to be lax in so many ways, I guess such people will continue to enter India, do what they want and get out.. And we may or may not find out after years..

  11. Smitha: Yes.. it is this laxity that needs to be changed.. nd we also need accountablity.. we cannot have Police Officers blaming junior officers and in short everyone blaming everyone else...


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