Thursday, November 12, 2009

The road to terror..

David Coleman Headley (until 2006 he was Daood Gilani) caught my eyes yet again this morning and while reading about him, I landed on the Chicago Tribune’s page which gives the Federal Complaint against David and his accomplice Rana. One can check this too which is on David alone.

I could not finish the material since it is very long and I understand how much training one would need to decipher so much from normal conversations and emails. If deciphering is difficult can one imagine how harder it is to mask these activities?

If only one would engage their brains and time in more useful pursuits.

But yet again I wonder how the Indian intelligence agencies missed David. Are their antennae’s up only for certain names?

I hope our agencies are being trained at least now to tackle future such ventures.

But then haven’t we already forgotten 26/11?

Haven’t our governments and babus managed to turn the attention away from it so that they can continue with their own personal pursuits.

If not, why is Kasab still not punished?

Why does Kavitha the wife of Hemant Takare need to file an application for the right to information for her husband’s missing vest? Has the nation forgotten this hero already?


  1. Government is spending crores for training our agents.But repeated 26\11,malgav,banglore blasts raises a question that whether our intelligence agency is capable or not or infiltrators \terrorists are out powering\outsmarting us ?

    When ever these kinda incident will be in news for 1 or 2 weeks or may be @ the max one month.After that everyone will forget about it.That is the biggest curse

  2. I wrote on this subject.
    Ultimately we need FBI to tell us about this terrorist and his plans.
    Where is our intelligence?How are going to protect our nation?How will we take on the terror.
    Let us be happy that we know about Headly----let us sit back and analyse as to why is our intelligence so poor?

  3. I feel that there is more to this than meets the eye.

    There is a possibility that Indian intelligence agencies had the information, but were pressurised to supress it.

  4. our is a country which seems to be happy resigning to fate...i wish we did more action than rhetoric!!

  5. One more incident showing how bureaucratised and ineffective our intelligence agencies have become, despite the environment becoming increasingly dangerous. Mind you the NSA is an ex-cop and director of the IB.

  6. Anish: I think we have smart officers and with more training can be the best.. but those who are managing them need to have their priorities right... else why was the Mumbai police left off the hook? I guess there is more time spent in covering up shoddy work than trying to improve...

  7. BKC: I did read u and hence went for more reading...
    yes one needs to learn some lessons from the FBI

  8. Our intelligence agencies seem to be more concerned about pleasing their political bosses.
    Who cares about security?
    After FBI tell us,our media goes crazy and now every one seems to know every thing about 26/11-Kasab-Headly etc.
    Would a Kasab have got the treatment we are giving him?
    It is all about minority appeasement
    Why is Afzal Guru not being hanged?
    It is all muck.

  9. Manju: Why should they hide? ashamed to admit that they failed?

  10. Mathew: very true.. but we do see the vigor and vitality of our authorities when it comes to other areas.. why not in issues concerning our national security?

  11. Vinod: very true.. and who can bring a change?

    BKC: very true.. even Kavitha seems to be alone in her quest for truth... the whole nation was quick to express grief and solidarity with her but how quickly we have forgotten those who lost their lives on that day.

    as for minority appeasement, wish if it was with their permission..

    now the media has one more sensational news to keep their viewers happy..

  12. so true HK,

    Thank god that america caught him!! otherwise we would have certainly been in trouble!!!!
    and yes, the maraton trial of kasab is still not over!!!!

    our judiciary system at the very best!!!!
    we are really inviting trouble by sitting back and doing nothing about it!!!!

  13. Kasab, Afsal Guru.. the list goes on... Such things happen as long as religious and regional fanaticism have takers in Indian politics. The Kasab trial was making a mockery of our system for a while, now-a-days it has started becoming one coulmn news in our dailies.

    Well, lets not forget those who laid their lives for our country.

  14. OG: we are really inviting trouble by sitting back and doing nothing about it!!!!

    sad but true...

    Scorpio: wish we could see the end of at least Kasab's trial... I am very sure every Indian would like to see him punished as ASAP..

  15. the arms of the law - as they say - are sometimes twisted by the tongue and antics of the politician..

  16. Maddy: very true... but it has reached a stage where such games can be dangerous.. our politicians better gear up or else they will have nothing to govern..


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