Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pazassi Raja

Now that I have grumbled and rumbled enough on terror let me write a few words on a movie that the whole family enjoyed over the weekend. The theatre was packed even on the 3rd day of its show here in Kuwait.

It was none other than “Pazhassi Raja”. Had been reading about it before the release of the movie from fellow bloggers who in turn led me to others.

Pazhassi Raja (Theatrical release name in Kerala: Keralavarma Pazhassiraja) is a Indian multilingual biopic magnum opus film directed by T. Hariharan, and written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair. It stars megastar Mammootty in the title role, and R. Sarathkumar, Thilakan, Kanika Subramaniam, Padmapriya, Manoj K. Jayan, Peter Handley Evans, Harry Key, Linda Arsenio and Jagathi Sreekumar in other major roles. The film's music score and soundtrack are done by Illayaraja. A part of the score was produced at the Hungarian National Philharmonic (Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra), Budapest.[6] The sound designing is done by Academy Award winner Resul Pookutty. Originally filmed in the Malayalam language, the film is dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The film released on 16 October 2009 across Kerala with a record 130 prints.[7]
Crtsy: Wiki

Think this is the first time that I have sat through such a long movie (3 hr 20 minutes) without being aware of the time. The sound (Oscar fame Resul Pookutty) and the cinematography were brilliant.

Mamooty’s acting was good and had his usual style and maturity. (His performance in “Loudspeaker” was also very good and the actor still has much to give the audience if only the directors and producers would let him and I also believe he is at a stage where he can be choosy if needed)

But in my opinion the actor who stole the show was Saratkumar. His portrayal of the character Edachena Kunkan, Pazhassi Raja's army chief was superb.

(Searched low and wide for a photo of Sarath Kumar and this was the only one I could find)


Manoj Kumar and Padmapriya (one of my favourite heroine) also acted well.

Every movie will have its flaw and one was in the portrayal of those playing the Brits.

I also believe that this movie will evoke an interest in history. At least it did in my household! As soon as we returned home, hubby and the children were more interested in satisfying their curiosity than their hunger. They googled and yahooed and passed bit and pieces of interesting information. Son also wanted to know why he is not studying the great Raja and the other heroes in his history classes and I heard him muttering the same in his sleep too.

Hats off to all those who worked for this movie!

Hail to those great warriors who laid down their lives for the soil. May the memories of their valor and sacrifice echo forever.

For more reading: ( by blogger Nick Balmer - My interest in these events started about a decade ago when I first read the tale of Thomas Baber tracking down and killing of the Rajah on the 30th of November 1805. Thomas Baber was my great great great great uncle)


  1. Heard a lot of this movie...But as i don't like Indian periodic movies(i just love brave heart,king Arthur,troy),i avoided it....anyways it is releasing in Chennai tomorrow ,so after reading this review i think i should make a choice between kurbaan and pazhashi raja :)

    @ muttering the same in his sleep too ...that was hilarious...between don't they have that in there 6-7 standards,i remember studying pazhashiraja history in my upper primary classes

  2. Your posts on terror is as good.I can not comment on the movie review for obvious reasons.

  3. Anish: I hear Kurbaan is good too... but please dont miss Pazhassi Raja...
    Son did mutter in his sleep :)
    right now he is studying Tipu and hence he wanted to know why Pazhassi .is not there... guess the CBSE sylabus does not have it.

  4. BKC: it is dubbed in Hindi too.. maybe u can watch it :)

    as for terror.. I just cannot get Kavitha out of my mind.. I pray she wins the battle for many...

    the following is the latest...

    "But when politicians started raising questions saying that he acted in very hasty manner and went for the operation blindly then we started gathering facts about the incident. Then, we came to know that Kamte, Karkare, Salaskar were planning strategy in Cama hospital for 40 minutes. They had asked for help, but they couldn't get help in those 40 minutes. Why they could not get help in 40 minutes, nobody is giving me that answer," she added."

  5. hmmm. so you at kerala for vacation?! yet to see the movie... some day!

  6. I haven't yet seen the movie. Heard some negative reviews about it. But now after reading your post, I think it would be a good idea to let the kids watch it. The history lessons in my son's textbooks are sooo boring,they could put a raging insomniac ot sleep. This could be a good way to get them to understand that history can be interesting too. Thanks for the review.

  7. It is rather interesting for me to read that post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  8. I haven't seen the movie yet but got good views from my colleagues. After reading the post I feel like watching the movie ASAP.

  9. Good job dude..liked it..people like you at least don't kill a good movie..

    Hey ..I came across a blog so similar...Ramblings..offers another great review..but this one is different from all the relieves u of all the stree creted by the pazhassi hype..good one to relax 4 a while..the guy's got an amazing humour sense but he does justice to the review ..Don't miss it if u plan to go ...

  10. Good job dude..liked it..people like you at least don't kill a good movie..

    Hey ..I came across a blog so similar...Ramblings..offers another great review..but this one is different from all the relieves u of all the stree creted by the pazhassi hype..good one to relax 4 a while..the guy's got an amazing humour sense but he does justice to the review ..Don't miss it if u plan to go ...

  11. Rocksea: Here in Kuwait we do have some good theatres... and they bring in some good malayalam movies too.. apart from English movies the Kuwaitees love Hindi movies.. I am sure they have seen all the latest release! nd now I read that Kuwait wants to make movies on their own..

  12. Dreamer: am curious to know regarding the negative reviews....the movie is not perfect but it did entertain a whole lot of movie goers.. I also read that some case has been filed against the movie makers for distorting the truth.. couldnt infer what it was...

  13. Anon: thanks

    Abhi: do watch it and let me know how you found it.. am sure u will have something interesting to say :)

    Ann: Thank you.. did read the link and yes it is complete in its review.. the good and the bad.. but overall the movie is good....

  14. Saw the movie last month while on holidays.. nothing much too exceptional as the reviews blabbed. Personally, I was disappointed.

  15. Scorpio: Even after the film was flagged off by Lalettan? :)

    guess not all movies can be liked by all... someone like me who would sit uncomfortably through stunt scenes quite enjoyed the moves in this movie.. kalari payette is even otherwise great to watch and in the movie even if half of it would have been faked it was entertaining..nd then there was history too....

  16. This is a very interesting review! I havenot seen it and had heard negative reviews so far..

    Will try and watch it.

  17. Smitha: there are mixed reactions to this movie.. but we as a family enjoyed it....

  18. yet to see the movie, it has not hit american shores yet. Strangely I am not very sure how it will turn out as I have a decent knowledge of his life. But from all accounts it has been done well..

  19. Maddy: Do they release Mal movies in the US shores or are you waiting for the DVD? nd we read that the relatives of Kunkan has filed a case.. seems his story is not accurate...


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