Sunday, August 26, 2012

I did it!

Yes I did it!

It maybe a small achievement for many but for me it is a major one.

I learned to swim!

Now dont say bah!

It all started when daughter wanted to go for swimming classes.

I have always wanted to learn; in fact it was one dream which I never knew when and how I shall possess. Being an Aquarian, I have an affinity towards water but at the same time I was terrified to put my head down under the water. I used to dread even the water theme parks and once I remember how my head went under water and I was terrified.  Having grown up in the high ranges with only streams and small pools and the climate not so conducive for swimming, I never had a chance to acquire this life skill. So it was a chance that I took. The first day itself taught me that it was a daunting task. I was terrified of going under the water.

The first class taught us the leg movement while holding onto the side bars but I think one should also be taught to put the head under water and breathe out. It is from the net that I learned that only this shall take away the fear of water. I found that those who started with me had gone ahead and were already swimming in deep water just like my daughter. It was easy to give up but I did not want to. I learned to swim with the help of the board. Actually when one puts the head and the upper part of the body inside the water, the leg comes up naturally and then the leg movement is easy. But for people like me who was terrified of water, this was not an easy task.

But I did it finally and now I need to practice.

Needless to say that this has given me much happiness and contentment. It also adds to my confidence level. Guess when one is over 40 (wink!) even learning such a skill which might come naturally to others is a great one!

But the only part that I dont like about swimming is the chlorinated pool. I wish they find other means to purify the water. Someone says, rubbing coconut oil on your body may lessen the absorption of chlorine which incidentally is not good for your health.

I look forward to my next class with lots of enthusiasm.


  1. Any plans to cross the English Channel ? Or the Palk Straits?

    1. Ah Anil.. let me first swim across the pool :)

      After the first 2 classes I almost gave up... and it took 12 hours of practice... the trainer comes just once during an hour and for the rest of the time we are on our own and doing what we like... guess this let me study on my own pace.

  2. Cool ... and Congratulations

    - Deeps

    1. Thank you Deeps.... some dreams can be achieved and hence I am trying for the next! Wish me luck...


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