Saturday, October 6, 2007


Here comes the I-Pill.. the one solution to your reckless moments. The advertisement has been so frequent and clear that even the kids have it imprinted in their minds.

So what can we expect out of this?

More promiscuity?
More rapes?
More extra-marital affairs?
More teenage puppy loves and broken hearts?

And how subtly they have worded it.. unwanted pregnancy. If it was unwanted then why go for it in the first place?

And has any doctor published the side-effects of these drugs? I am sure any drug will have its own side effect. I read that most of the enquiries came from men. Why? Are they happy that now they can enjoy the moments and pop a pill into their partner’s mouth for peace of minds.. after all, the killing part will be done in their partner’s womb and not his.

Whatever they may call it, this is just another quick fix abortion. But please stop calling it otherwise.


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  2. Happy - I dont think it can be called as an abortion until it reaches fetal stage. (ofcourse that is debatable, n i dont think there is an end to this debate)

    side effects, well as u said, there r side effects for every drug. im pretty sure, this is not an exception. n im pretty sure that like all other drugs, for this one also, the side effects would be highlighted on the packin or on the paper found inside the packin or ... ... bla bla bla.. jus like any other drug.

    now if the user reads em or not, or ignores em or not.. well its upto the user.

    more rapes, more this more that?? hmm that conclusion really doesnt add up (atleast for me).

    its like sayin.. omg they are sellin condoms now.. that would mean more rapes!!

    its not like this is the ONLY way out of the pregnancy bit. Even before this, there were other options.

    YES this is easier than the ones earlier... but EASE of use doesnt necessarily mean that it will increase the INCIDENTS..

    the ones who would want to have sex, would have it regardless of this pill being on the market or not.

    the thing is.. there is a person X.. who doesnt drink. now if drinks are available freely openly or easily.. HE WILL NOT START DRINKING simply coz ITS AVAILABLE...

    At the same time, there is person Y who enjoys drinkin a lil too much. even if drinks werent available easily or readily .. HE WOULD STILL TRY N MANAGE TO GET HIS HANDS ON A BOTTLE, even if it mean payin a higher price, buyin em off a black market, riskin imprisonment.. drinkin TRASH in the name of BOOZE.

    the point is .. Availability or Ease of Use or Convenience arent really THAT important a factor when it comes to CERTAIN ISSUES. (not all, but certain).

    other contraceptives have been available for some time now. This isnt exactly a BREAKTHROUGH.

    n even if a contraceptive is not used, its NOT THAT difficult to get an abortion..

    There are some pills which will result in abortion, if they are consumed during the early stages of a preganancy (not necessarily the mornin after) .. n they arent ILLEGAL drugs or whateva.. they are used for inducing labor in Hospitals.

    the I pill basically isnt somethin new.

  3. Raj... well u have some valid points.. except for the first one... if it has not reached or not on its way to creating a baby.. why terminate?

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  5. Happy, i did say that point is debatable :D

    guess it always will be.

    Its jus a view.

    About the pill, in my view its jus a precaution, like any other contraceptive.

    Moving on...

    using a condom is also a precaution, (btw.. im sure u do know that condoms dont work ALL THE TIME)

    similarly the I pill or anythin else along those lines is jus another precaution.

    Not everyone has SEX for the purpose of creation or to further the miracle of life.

    some jus have it for fun. (i personally dont believe that there is anythin wrong in having sex for fun, but then thats jus me).

    Furthermore, (PS - i know you havent mentioned this in your post, im jus stating my views) -

    some people equate abortion to murder. (hmm u did use the word KILLING though ;))..

    i dont agree with that view. i mean.. when someone uses a condom as a contraceptive, its not equated to INTENT TO KILL, now is it?

  6. This is a massive ad to promote promiscuity.. the younger generaton is exposed to these latest things available in the market off the shelf, just like anything..

    pity state of affairs..

    the conservative minded will find is difficult to digest, no doubt.

    life has to move on.. having very open discussion with our kids is a good solution..

    good relevant writing.. do continue..


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