Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Finally I did it. I joined a new company after having served almost 10 years in the previous one.

I do miss my colleagues since the workplace had turned out to be like a second home to me.

But working too long in a company which has no appraisal systems gives you no returns. You end up being taken for granted. They keep you going with promises but with no intentions of doing so. They think that if she has worked so long in this company why should she think of moving out now? And yes, one feels very comfortable and the thought of moving on keeps you awake at night. You have hundreds of doubts and questions.

When one has worked too long in one position, the job becomes a routine and everything is just too easy for you. This means that one who sees you feel that you are not doing much. But this ease of job comes with experience. I also found out that one should come up with more problems so that your Boss can solve them. It makes them think that you are working! Well this goes for Gulf. We had one colleague who thinks he is indispensable to the organization and kept reminding the same through emails and conversations. He is the only one who regularly got increments and promotions. Every morning one gets to read minimum 5 emails, send with time and date stamp including holidays and ungodly hours. He will describe various problems with work and colleagues while pretending to solve them. But for some firms these characters are essential.

I started looking out a while ago, mainly since I wanted to know if my CV was still acceptable! I got to attend a couple of interviews and got to know my options. Finally, by the grace of God, I found one which was good for me. There is no mess like the previous one ( I had started enjoying the mess and even got addicted to them!).

I guess for everyone, even if they enjoy their current jobs, it is good to look out and if possible attend a few interviews. Keeps you updated with the current market demands and you never feel insecure.


  1. Congrates for the new job. but how come you stayed 10 years in a comapny which never had a increment policy!! may be this line tell the truth behind the whole story "i had started enjoying the mess and even got addicted to them!" :)

  2. U started enjoying the mess?
    I thought mess was named so coz its a "mess" joke...

    Congrats for ur new job...I m sure u will enjoy it there :)

  3. wish you the very best - maybe you should send that narayana murthy chain mail to that old colleague of yours - about working beyond office hours..

  4. Congrats! Having a fresh start is not always a bad thing.

  5. "Change is the only constant" spake a man who was very inspirational in my life. Great words to live (and die) by.


  6. Thank u guys.. I am getting adjusted to the new surroundings and colleagues.. it is more organized hence less work!

    Maddie.. I think he has been forwarding this email too!

    Yes Change is good


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