Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bin Laden

I keep wondering if Mr. Bush and Laden have secret moments over the communication system.

Hey Bin.. time for another tape man.. my polls are yet again going down and they want our boys to get out of Iraq. Why don’t you give those shivering brains a scare in your usual style and please don’t forget to mention September 11.
No problems Bushy boy.. as along as you don’t let your boys come anywhere near my bunker.

Sept 11 – 2001. And today it is more than 5 years and the world’s largest and most sophisticated military power is not able to capture their number one enemy. Even when they have considerable power over the countries like Afganistan and Pakistan, Bin Laden seems to keep shifting his hiding place every day. My puny brain is not able to digest these facts. Help me God!


  1. Greetings,

    Very curious indeed that the US released this Bin Laden video before Al Qaeda did! Very curious indeed!

    Right on cue, Al Qaeda releases another video, precisely when Bush/Cheney and cohorts need to scare congress into towing the neo-con line on the war. How many times must this occur before the corporate media outlets start asking some hard and pointed questions. This is much more important than Larry Craig's follies. How many more unlikely coincidences are necessary before more people discern a strong pattern in the noise?


  2. Hello Messiah,

    Thanks for passing by.. i did visit ur blog... great observations.. but ave u disabled comments? afraid u will be deluged with SOS messages?

    Anyway I have something to say, if you will let me...


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