Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good bye my feathery friend..

Yesterday our white Love bird died. It was the most active and we had a special love towards it.

We have been rearing Love Birds since some years and several have died since then. Since both myself and hubby grew up with pets, we thought the kids should have at least the pleasure of seeing a few love birds. For the kids only the initial excitement was there. They lost interest since Love Birds don’t need special attention like a dog and they are not friendly too.

We were surprised when one of the birds started laying eggs and then sitting on it. We never expected anything to come out of it since we saw the same at our friend’s place. But one day we were surprised to hear small chirps and yes they had hatched! They looked like fishes since they did not have any feathers on them. But their growth was very fast, before a week they were covered with feathers. Unfortunately the mother died and it was up to the father bird to feed them. I think it fed them for a while since 2 of them died. The third was very friendly and used to hop on our hands as soon we put our hands inside. I believed that the Father was feeding it, but one day when I came back from work I saw the little one lying down. The minute it saw me, it stretched out and died. I was heart broken. It looked as though it waited for me. I think the Father had stopped feeding it and I had no idea how to feed such a small thing. Then we decided not to have any more Love Birds. That is when Hubby’s friend asked us to look after his Love Birds since it was getting too hot in his flat. And then the cage was full again. And with this batch came our white one.

From the beginning he was special. He did not have a pair and maybe since he was still too young. All the rest were in pairs. And it is always a pleasure to see them preening each other and no wonder they are called Love Birds! Whenever I stand near the cage, the White one will start pecking my clothes.

It was before our trip to India that he injured his legs. We left them with our friend and hoped it would heal. But it was still the same when we returned , but yet he was managing. But 2 days back I saw blood in the cage. We don’t know what happened and how it injured his legs again. Maybe a fight with his partner? Yesterday, he couldn’t climb even to the perch and I took him out and he did not protest at all. We thought it will recover but it was too weak and it died after sometime.

And now we have just one left and I am sure she will die of loneliness since we don’t plan to buy any more Love Birds!


  1. That is so sad!! I feel sorry that you have to go through the same ordeal twice!! God rest those lovely souls to peace.

    Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog!!

  2. Sorry, to hear abt the sad demise of your lovely pet.

    Even we used to rear Love-birds, back in GOC, in a very large cage. Yes, they used to die naturally plus a few got eaten by snakes (chera) n even rats. But they used to mate n multiply, in abundance.

    Once, one of our grand old uncles, said tat, rearing birds in cages is like putting them, in jails. They shud be set free, so tat they can enjoy, the wonders of God's creation and Mother nature. And we set them all (wateva was remaining), free.

  3. It's always sad to see a pet friend go.


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