Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sister Abhaya

We read that there have been more breakthroughs in this case. The police may soon arrest the culprits. As suspected initially, the priests and the nuns were involved in the murder. Sister Abhaya was killed since she saw something which ought to have never happened in a Convent.

This murder made a lot of impact upon the GOC residents. For me personally, since then, I lost whatever respect that I had for the priests and the nuns. I studied in a Convent School and I have seen the various faces of the nuns. There were good ones and the bad ones. But it was an accepted fact that they had given up a normal life for the work of God. But with this murder, whatever was bottled up against this class among the normal residents broke free. I think it was from this point of time that we heard the Mimicry artists mimicking the priests and making fun of them.

I am not saying that an act of a few has made the whole Clergy community bad but it has made a difference. After all, no one forced them to give up anything to do God’s work. It was their choice and they knew what they were giving up. This is similar to the sexual abuses which came to light and is now the cause for many law suits.

May God bring the murderers to light and may this be a lesson to all who profess to have given up everything to do God’s work. Let those who hid the murderers behind their cloaks remember that nothing can be hidden from the Almighty.

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