Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mallu Land

I was planning to blog this for a while and that is when I read Maddy's article...

If one looks at the current political dramas one cant help praying that the whole Secretariat building along with its entire occupancy (when it is in full session) disappears! Poof! How great it would be.
We see MLA’s fasting with no visible signs of fatigue on them. The opposition brings a new allegation and the ruling party is quick to come up with counter allegation and then it dies sooner than the media or the poor subjects can even think! Aren’t they all enacting a drama? I am sure behind our backs both the opposition and the ruling parties find ways to cover each other’s back.

This brings to my mind a recent comedy skit on one of the Malayalam Channel Since this is the season of talent contests, our political leaders, namely, Anthony, Chandy, Karunakaran and VS were invited for a contest. The winner will be provided a fully paid trip abroad for 3 months in addition to 10 million or so cash and the same is sponsored by the viewers. And after the usual drama, the judges declare all four as the winner since their performance were equally good. After the price money was declared, the contestants ask the Judges, how this can be afforded since all of them needed to be paid equally. And the judges reply “they are ready to pay even more just to get you guys out of this State” - good riddance to bad rubbish!

It has come to this stage and I wont be surprised if we see the people taking law into their own hands like how it happened in Jhakarnd and Bihar.

Swami Vivekananda, you are right and we at GOC will continue to uphold your verdict

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  1. know what - those guys should have been given a one year all paid trip to China & Russia. As it is, we are paying for their life in Kerala. The whole state is propped up by NRE deposits..


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