Sunday, September 16, 2007

Still regret…

It was during my first Pre-degree days. Me and my cousin sister were shopping at Trivandrum and were inside a small Ladies store, when suddenly a guy came barging inside, all excited. I could see that he had left a bunch of his friends outside. To my horror he came right up to me and asked me.

“Aren’t you so and so?”

I replied yes. I just couldn’t place this guy.

“Do you remember your class mate Sunil in school?”

I think I was too shocked to think or remember and just stood there like an idiot. Still fresh from school and in the big city (for me!) it was already giving me a jitter.

He left.. much disappointed.

And then I remembered. Yes he was Sunil and he left our school when he was in the 8th Standard if I remember. He was known as Sunil Gavaskar during those days. I think he had contacted my brother who was also studying in Trivandrum and came to know that I was in Trivandrum.

I still regret and feel hurt that I never recognized him. I tried to see him later but could never catch him.

If ever I get to see him again, I would like to apologize.

I know it gives us great pleasure to see our class mates. Even now I keep searching for mine through and in vain. None of my school mates have registered in those sites, though I have made contacts with a few of my seniors and juniors.


  1. You have nothing to regret about. It was a normal reaction.

  2. i may be luckier than you in that department. one of our senior made a Forum in the name of my school. so i don't have to have any problem finding my old school mates there!!

  3. I know I couldnt help it, but I still think I should tried to recollect. If I was in his place, I would have been disappinted too...

    s4n705- today I recvd a mail from my college mate. Waiting to hear more from her.


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