Monday, September 3, 2007


It is Shrimp / prawns season in Kuwait!

Even we bought a good share of shrimps and last night I made Shrimp curry. It turned out okay, though hubby says it would have been better with a little more salt!

I put some coconut pieces to get those crunchy bites and enough red chilly powder. And while I was searching for a good recipe to make more curries, I came upon this site: It is great...


  1. Oh yes its prawns prawns prawns everywhere....but the prices are still hovering at the 2 - 2.5 bucks a kilo n not coming down. I hear tat the price will increase, during the month of Ramadan. Now shud I buy n stock a few or not.....tat is the biggest question, dogging me, now. Decisions, decisions....shiish.

    Btw....I love it very chilly n deep fried, Kerala style, along with a tall glass of chilled soda water and Aqua-Vitae.

  2. Btw...jus wanted to add tat, the link....was super...n very helpful.

    FWDed to all my contacts in my mailing list n added it to my fav folder too.

    The dishes are easy to make, esp with the detailed descriptions n the videos.


  3. We got the prawns for 1.5 KD.. large prawns.. not the jumbo variety.. still more to cook..


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