Thursday, September 27, 2007

That is the way!

I felt very happy reading this news. It is not often that you see such acts coming from those who have achieved much in their lives. They have gained the best education that our country can provide and should be on their way to enjoying some of the best jobs a company can offer. This is enough for one to forget the rest of the world and enjoy what they have gained with their hard work. But they have thought beyond themselves.

IITians run school for children of labourers

Yogesh Vajpeyi, IANS
Hamirpur (Uttar Pradesh), September 27, 2007

The children of Bidokhar village call it Apna Skool, or our school. An NGO - formed by the faculty and student of Kanpur's Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) - has set up the non-formal school in Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh for elementary education of children of migrant labourers.


  1. Ah.. that was thought ful news. It was good you pasted the article. cos the link is blocked at my work place!!


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