Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jet Airways

Jet Airways will fly Gulf from Jan-2008.

This is good news to us Gulf wallas specially to GOC residents. All these years we were dependant on the State Carriers Air India and Indian Airlines for direct connection.

Our last trip to India was on Air India and we vowed never to board that plane again. And it was not even a Budget Airlines. We chose it since the kids were travelling unaccompanied and hence we wanted a direct flight. But it was not even direct but flying through Chennai. The agents did not tell us while booking. I know I sound un-patriotic. But then this feeling is shared by many. Air India has contracted Turkish Airways (incl crew) to fly the Gulf Sector. These planes are very small with 2 rows of seats and hence little luggage space. We were asked to shove our bags under our feet! As soon as we were settling down we heard a baby wailing. A Tang bottle had fallen from the luggage hold onto the poor baby’s head! There was shouting and swearing and it was acceptable since even the mother started crying. And the Turkish crew who knows no word of English just couldn’t console them. One of our friend who traveled in this Airlines asked for Pampers and the crew couldn’t understand what he was asking. Finally he had to produce the soiled Pampers to get a new one! (now I don’t know why he dint have a spare pamper with him!)

The worst part was the toilets! It started smelling the minute we settled down and the crew used to empty cans of neutralizers occasionally. And they don’t let you use the toilet while refueling and even when the plane has taken off. They asked us to wait until the seat belts signs are off. I think the pilot or whoever has to do it forgets to switch it off! Since there are less toilets the queue in front of the toilets are a sight to see.

I hear the Jet airways flights are well maintained. I know there will be no concession in rates during the peak seasons but at least the money that you spend is worth.


  1. hope so you get a good deal and better service!! :)
    BTW there are direct flights from dubai to Mangalore by air india express which is a budget airline!!

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  3. Next time when things go wary like this, take photos and lets try to send them to the respective authorities...In chennai a group of bloggers have started the I-Fix initiative; Instead of waiting for the authorities; once they started doing the rounds, the authorities started coming in


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