Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jai Hind

Gosh! I cant believe that I am back enjoying cricket. The youngsters lured me back with their positive and energetic game. Was ready to forgive them even they had lost to the mighty Aussies.

Harbajan Singhs’s dance, Yuvi’s mighty roar… it is been a while since we witnessed pure joy from a game. And we have those dancing females barely covered by Reliance. Our son did the same dance for every Six and Four.

Some say that the 20-20 game is like a fast food and not fair enough. Who cares? At least it stops some senior players from clinging to their bats to increase their 50’s or 100’s. We had enough of that. Now, one has to perform or get out. And we reached the Finals with most of our Senior players out of the team. I guess this should have been done even for the last world cup.

I think only the Indian and Pakistan games bring the stadiums to full. And it is going to be a terrific game on Monday. Our Son has already taken permission to bunk his Karate classes and he also has his assessments on Tuesday. I dont think I can keep him away from the game unless India plays hopelessly!

And I am with Dhoni. Whatever the outcome maybe, let us not be tensed, but enjoy the game. Finally our boys are playing positively.


  1. Loved the match. it was fun and josh filled. you we were shouting on top of our voice at night. If it was a six India was scorned at and if it was a dot or wicket a bravo scream was sent out!!

    Bad luck for me Office tomorrow. hope to know the score.

  2. "At least it stops some senior players from clinging to their bats to increase their 50’s or 100’s. " - True True.. Unfortunately I have npt seen any of the matches.. I only get to read them......

  3. like i commented on my friends blog - what i learnt from this 2020 was not the brilliance of yuvis sixers, but the meaning of trust - how dhoni firmly belived in joginder sharma to bowl the final overs for the semi & the finals!!


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