Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another land grabbing thwarted!

Ministers from every political party visit Gulf and if you think their agenda is only to meet their faithful followers, you are wrong. The ministers in power know how easily they can use the government machinery to grab the government land and transfer it to the NRIs who can afford them. Recently in the news is the Kerala Public Works minister – T. U. Kuruvilla.
Kerala businessman K.G. Abraham, who is based in Kuwait, Wednesday accused the state's Public Works Minister T.U. Kuruvilla of cheating him in a land transfer deal. The minister denied the charge.
He is accused of taking 6 crores in return for land in Munnar to construct a resort. But before the land could be transferred, the deal was brought up to the notice of the public and now they are all in a fix. I doubt if this NRI will get his money back. This is a painful lesson for NRIs who want to invest back home. It is always better if they invest their money in the right way. Let them not run after the Ministers, but then without the support of these so called “representative of the people” nothing can happen.

Like Kerala even Goa has started its fight against land grabbers. Recently the famous Singer and musician Remo Fernandes has refused to accept a state award instituted by the Goa government’s art and culture department.

“I refuse this state award or reward as a sign of protest against the government of Goa as well as the opposition, both full of ministers and politicians involved in large-scale attempted rape and sale of Goa through the infamous Regional Plan 2011, either actively or through their inaction,” he said the letter.

I guess this is the only way in a democratic set up. The people have to stand up and fight.

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