Sunday, August 12, 2007

More love and not less...

Let us face our problems with more love and not less love.

This was how Mr. William ended his interview on BBC this morning. Was listening to BBC radio while getting ready for work. He was talking about the controversial stem cell research and cloning.

William B. Hurlbut is a physician and Consulting Professor in the Neuroscience Institute at Stanford, Stanford University Medical Center. Born in St. Helena, California, he grew up in Bronxville, New York. After receiving his undergraduate and medical training at Stanford, he completed postdoctoral studies in theology and medical ethics, studying with Robert Hamerton-Kelly, the Dean of the Chapel at Stanford, and subsequently with the Rev. Louis Bouyer of the Institut Catholique de Paris..

Dr. Hurlbut has come to national prominence for his advocacy of Altered Nuclear Transfer (ANT), a scientific method of obtaining pluripotent stem cells without the creation and destruction of human embryos.

He was saying that while interviewing, 2/3 of the participants responded that they do not mind killing one baby to save another. Now William himself had to take a break from the medical school when a son with serious mental problems was born to him. This kind of emotional problems either takes a person closer to the Almighty for comfort or takes him to other means of comfort. William turned to the Almighty for answers he desperately sought by studying Theology. Being a scientist he could have put his heart and soul into further developing the stem cells harvested from Human embryos but instead developed an alternate method. He was saying that millions spent for research should not be used for feeding our vanity but for saving desperate lives. There are many medical conditions which is bearable and does not require massive funding, instead these funds can be used to save millions who are dying daily for want of medical attention.

He also talks about cloning.

If cloning were to be allowed imagine the scenario.. (my thoughts of course!)

1- Those much hated world leaders would never step down from power (they would be using all their power and money in creating a clone)
2- The gang leaders and underworld thugs would be inside and outside our jails.
3- The wanted criminals and terrorists will remain a threat forever.

It is very hard to like President Bush specially after the way he took the world into a new order of terrorism but I certainly agree with him on his stance on Stem cell research and cloning.

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