Saturday, August 25, 2007

No Barking blease!

“No Barking Please”

Don’t’ be surprised if you see this sign in front of the parking lots in the Arab world. Arabic as you may know does not have the letter “P” in their alphabet and hence most Arabs will not recognize this word in English. Hence for them, the letter “P” and “B” are the same. Anyway I am not going into Arabic today.

In Kuwait most of the residential areas meant for the expatriates are not planned well and hence a parking space is the most coveted object for a resident. One may try to get out from work early if possible to grab the same. This is understandable. But there are some who take it beyond that. They park their cars in the space meant for 2 cars and hence reserve the same for the next person. Love for your neighbour in action! Indians are the most law abiding once they get out of their own country and hence most keep quiet even if they have to park their cars in no man’s land far away. They think that fighting for their rights is not a part of their culture and hence tolerance and patience reach 100%.

There is one neighbour in our apartment who reserves his space for his loving son too. On Thursday this same person parked his Pajero in such a way that 2 cars could have easily parked on either side. Hubby lost his patience and asked this guy to move his Pajero and pat came the reply. “This is a public place and I shall park the way I want”. Of course the conversation did continue further. Then my hubby decided that the best public place would be behind his Pajero and there he parked his own car. Friday morning came, and our Bible thumping neighbour had to fulfill his Christian duties and attend Church. Instead of asking us, he had to wake up his loving neighbour and maneuver the Pajero out with great difficulty. I guess there are some who begs to be treated thus! It is pure selfishness and arrogance in action and I am sure his son has also learned these valuable lessons.


  1. Ha ha ha. this was fun to read. Tit for tat. that was good. and its not about indian or non-indian but its the mentality of some which makes them commit such mistakes.. But people learn from there mistakes

  2. Hope dat he would've parked the car in such a way that the son was not able to park his car!!! What was th result? Did he repeat it after that incident?

  3. Well... there is a slight change. but then as they say "Even if u put a dog's tail......Pattiyude vale......


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