Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Happy Onam to the Mallus all over the world

Celebrated Onam yesterday by having a great Sadhya from Shaab Beach Restaurant. Managed to get out of the office around 1:30 PM. Hubby’s brother and family was also there.

There were 24 items including the pickles and the usual, Sambar, Parippu, Thoran, Kalan, More, Engi Curry, Payasam etc. I hope I havent left some mallus drooling!

Watched the Onam celebrations in the capital city being aired through Asianet. Took me back to the good old days when we used to spend our Onam vacation with our grandparents at Trivandrum. Since the roads near Kowdiar would be crowded, a bunch of us (cousins) used to walk and try to get a good place to watch the floats on the first day. The imagination and creativity were great. The jostling crowd would wait until the last float pass them.

The whole Trivandrum used to be on the road. We would then visit “Kannkakunnu” palace which is the happening place for everything. There would be cultural programs and food festivals. The best I liked was the Book Stalls. I never bought much, but walking among thousands of books was a pleasure in itself.


  1. coming back here after a brief hiatus.. read almost all the posts....

    Belated Onam Wishes

  2. Where did u scoot off?

    Thanks for the Onam wishes..

  3. Hey!!! thanks for dropping by my blog...I tried figuring out how u landed there...no common blog pals though!!
    I was lucky to be in Trivandrum for Onam...same Kanakakunnu,same roads, same crowd....watched an amazing ottan tullal there after ages....
    belated onasamsakal to u!!


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