Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paper thin batteries

Here comes the ultra-thin and flexible quick charging batteries named ORB, for Organic Radical Battery.


1- They can be recharged in about 30 seconds.
2- The organic radical materials inside the battery are in an "electrolyte-permeated gel state," which is supposedly about halfway between a solid and a liquid. This helps ions make a smooth move (no, the other one), reducing resistance, allowing the batteries to charge faster.
3- 1 square centimeter will give you about 1 miliwatt hour.
4- It can one day be used in IC cards, RFID tags, electronic paper, wearable computers, and other such technologies stepping up to the plate in the coming decade.
5- You can stack one sheet on top of another to boost the power output.
6- The device can function in temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit and down to 100 below zero.
7- The paper could also be molded into different shapes, such as a car door, which would enable important new engineering innovations.

And now a team of six Indian-American researchers has developed a paper-thin battery that can use human blood or sweat to power itself.

The team, led by noted nanotechnologist Pulickel Ajayan of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), has developed a battery, which could easily be mistaken for a simple sheet of black paper.

Besides, it is lightweight, ultra thin, completely flexible, and geared towards meeting trickiest designs and energy requirements, the INDOlink web site said.

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