Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The nuclear deal… can someone switch on the lights please….

The nuclear deal between Indian and US has come to a stand still since the Left and BJP are crying foul. Now it was Mr. Vajpayee ( I respect this man a lot) during the time of the BJP rule who started the discussion on this deal. The Left, as we all know were always opposed to anything that has an American tag and would prefer goodies coming from their like minded friends in China or Russia. But we very well know that Russia refused nuclear fuel on some petty reasons and China is now very happy that this deal is not going through.

There are many, both in India and America who are not happy with this deal. The Americans still don’t trust India and feels that India may use the technology and fuel for its military purpose.

India would want to develop a nuclear weapon, specially since its neighbour Pakistan has not stopped going in this direction but the world should keep in mind that India has always been a responsible country with a vibrant democracy.

But now that the deal has come to a stand still and if the Left and BJP has any reasons for their stance, can they please explain the pros and cons? Of course there has to be a “give and take” attitude in every deal, but can we know what we are giving up. Can someone explain this is plain English. And if the Left wants to oppose, can they give an alternative to India’s need for energy? Ok, there is Iran, but how viable is this when the pipe lines are going through Pakistan?

It is not that I do not trust Mr.Manmohan Singh, but please throw some light.

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