Sunday, August 26, 2007


There is no other word to call these heartless creatures who kill innocent people. Did they kill the person they wanted? Are they closer to their objectives? Of course not! They dont know what they want since they dont have a mind of their own. Just like how you train a dog to pick a stick these people are brainwashed (do they have brains?) and ordered to kill innocents. They would kill their own parents and siblings, since they have lost whatever humanity they ever had. They are mere zombies who gave up their conscience.

My heart goes to all those who are left behind with just memories of whom they loved.

To those who were taken away from our midst for no fault of theirs.

Let us also remember Iraq where this has become a routine. When cowards strikes your homeland it pains you, while for the Iraqis, it has become a part of their daily lives. Isnt the world too silent on this?


  1. We've passed many year in war, it's a terrible time. I was so proud when Iraq won the ASIAN CUP. I hope it's at least a small victory of their people.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for passing by..

    Did you experience the war first hand? I am glad to know a blogger from Vietnam and am interested in knowing ur views on the Vietnamese War.

    Yes.. the Iraqis should be proud of themselves.. winning this cup when their country is facing a terrible war is not easy at all...

    i pray that they win the war in the right way and that peace will prevail

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for your attention.
    I'm a bit lucky cause I was born when the war has finished. But the this war has impacted to almost of Vietnamese people. Most of Vietnamese families has lost their members in the war. In our opinion, this war is unrighteous. We love peace and independent, that's why the war has been taken. But now, we are willing to forgive the pass and looking forward to a better future, to the friendship and collaboration.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to talk about this.

  4. I never understand the mindset of these people..!!!
    What will they get by killing innocent people???

    Hey, thanks for the tag... I'm back... :)

  5. butanido...It was great to hear from u....I echo ur thoughts.. one has to leave the past, learn from it and walk ahead with confidence..the pain will be there..

    Abru.. welcome back!

  6. Its all the more shocking to observe the State Govt. not interested in coming up with strict anti-terrorist acts to curb the rising terrrorism in this beautiful city, ...

    Would we learn something from the Black Saturday for Hyderabad ??

  7. Very true Abishek...

    I guess we are too careless and trusting?

    or is our Police force too corrupted?

    But they have work harder now before it gets out of control..


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