Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sister Abhaya - Finally

Finally a break through they say: after 15 long years..

Narco findings

Narco analysis tests were conducted on Sister Seffy and sister Sherly, nuns and batchmates of Abhaya and two priests - father Jose Puthrukayil, who taught Malayalam at St Pius convent and father Thomas Kottoor, a psychology professor and Diocesan of the Knanaya Catholic Church.

A former police official VV Augustine, who investigated the murder and closed it as a case of suicide, also underwent a brain mapping earlier.
Sources said that these tests, which were conducted last week at the Forensic Science Laboratory in Bangalore, have helped the CBI team achieve a certain breakthrough.

The findings are that the members of the clergy as well as the police official were in the know of the murder. Sources add that the tests revealed that one priest was present at the murder site and the other was in the know, but not present.

Cracking down

Sources also indicated that the CBI will either make arrests or bring the case up for hearing before Onam or within the next two weeks.

For the first time, Sister Abhaya’s father also seemed optimistic about justice being served. “I feel this time, the CBI will succeed in nailing the culprits We are living on the hope that the case will finally be solved and those behind the murder are identified,” said Thomas Mathai, father of the deceased nun.


The tainted CBI can now relax a bit.. but there are still more unsolved cases to be solved and they should act irrespective of Community or political pressures.


  1. Yeah, How sad is the situation in KErala. 15 years for a murder to get solved..Still, better late than never!!

  2. Anand Nair, TorontoMay 19, 2008 at 7:19 AM

    Latest News: CBI identified Fr. Thomas Kottoor as the killer of Sr. Abaya

  3. Hello!

    Dont want to raise my hopes yet again... let me see watch it happen. I did see a news on one of online Newspapers...

  4. I think this, shows how corrupt our police, no matter whether they are, local Police or CBI. It is a shame that our courts also dance to their tunes. What a shame !!
    How much of tax payer's money was spent to pay for these idiots, i mean the CBI.( Central Bureau of Ignorance)...Biju. j.

  5. Hello Biju....

    Thanks for the comment...

    Well... I really dont know what to say.. but I am still hoping like another idiot!


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