Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The unwanted Girl Child

India is developing they say… at least it has the right not to be called a third world country.. or am I wrong?

Just because we have elected a female as our President has it in anyway uplifted the women. Is it not just an eye wash?

a. Female foetuses are still being killed
b. Dowry deaths still exists

The other day I read the news that bags of body parts belonging to female foetus were found dumped in a well. I waited for further news and hoped the media would keep up the tempo. But no.. it died a premature death by itself. Why is the whole country silent on this? How do they hope to produce sons without letting a girl live? Or have our great scientists come with some great plans which can do away with the mother and her womb? It is indeed sad to note that it is the educated lot who are doing this. Why? As a mother don’t they feel bad when their baby is crushed to death in the womb? Let us leave the uneducated for a moment and look at those educated couples who are now enjoying good jobs with high salaries. What prompts them to choose a boy over a girl? What are they being taught in classes? Where has it gone wrong?

I think we need stricter and sterner rules. A couple who goes for abortion should be booked for murder. I welcome the idea of registration as soon as a child is conceived so that the birth can be recorded. At least it puts pressure on the couple. The state should find means to monitor every clinic and hospitals and the fees for scanning should be increased. In any case it is only rarely that a medical condition requires scanning (at least this is what I think) or the equipment should be made very costly so that only major hospitals can have the same. This will help monitoring easier. A special license should be given to doctors who are allowed to conduct abortions.

I still don’t know for what reasons abortion is required. There are many justifications – rape, unwanted pregnancy etc. etc. We end up aborting innocent babies for our faults, for our irresponsibility’s. If a child has been conceived, it has every right to live and it is up to every law in the country to ensure the life of the unborn.

Our Presidents don’t wield much power or they have no power at all. But this is the first time that we have a woman for a president. I hope she will at least do something on this major issue that is slowly dulling the conscience of the major lot. Please let the girl child live


  1. Abortion - touchy topic.. ill steer clear of that.

    Female infanticide - stupidity. Along with sterner rules n regulations.. could we please find a way to distribute some common sense too. Apparently its too uncommon these days.

    First female president.. hmm has a nice ring to it. good to listen to. doubt if it actually has any real implications (good or bad).

    Speakin abt India now, we all know how powerful the president is on paper.. n how powerless that post is - in practical

    either ways.. all the best to... well everyone.

  2. NIce topic. Wouldn't comment on it.

    Just wish to say that in the politically powered corridors the role of president is negligible!!

  3. isn't it interesting how everyone seems to be moved by the topic but wouldn't really want to comment cuz they don't know what to say most of the time? they'd rather live in ignorance and sweep the evil under the bed since it doesnt impact us directly in the moment. exactly why the media hype died before it could take off. no one wants to watch female foeticide on tv. it doesn't make us feel good about ourselves! it makes us feel bad for being murderers BUT it's too bad we can't help killing our daughters ... they are a liability after all, you see?

    disgusting! glad to see your blog.


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