Sunday, June 17, 2007

chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML)

Our Office boy's wife is diagnosed with CML. she is only 25 years and they have a 1 and half year old little girl too.

On reading about CML I am informed that it is a rare type of cancer and around 500 cases are noted in US alone. She is undergoing treatment but yesterday he was informed that she is running a very high fever and she is having heart pains too. the doctor changed her medication but still no respite.(They are from Bangladesh)

We are collecting money for him and our GM was kind enough to donate 1000KD (USD 3500) from his side. Since we have many employees, we hope to collect a good sum. He is planning to travel immediately and we shall send some money with him now. The balance shall be kept for her treatment or if she doesnt survive will be deposited in his daughter's name.

I hear that Bangladesh being a third world country is a dumping ground for chemical waste of rich countries. The government is paid a handsome some for this but the citizens are suffering from cancer and various other diseases. Most areas are swampy and this land is used to dump these chemicals.

I have always believed that cancer is man made. It is the result of various activities which ignores the perils that are attached to it. The people involved very well know the result but in the name of reasearch and progress it continues.

Now with out sourcing and factories being build in third world countries, the pollution and various health hazzards are now being shifted to those citizens who cannot afford to foot their medical bills. And sadly, they are not aware of what is happening around.

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  1. it happens every where. If one gets sick cos of his actions its like fine. acceptable. BUt if its b'cos of other reasons like industrial waste disposal then who else could be blamed than the government?


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